Next-Gen Apple A6 ARM Processor to Use PowerVR Series 6 ‘Rogue’ GPU?

iPhone 5 will Have an A5 processor.

Apple, a major investor in Imagination Technologies, may be a licensee for the company’s next-generation PowerVR Series 6 graphics engine, codenamed Rogue. Though Imagination Technologies have revealed that ST-Ericsson, Texas Instruments, and MediaTek are three licensees of the GPU, it also revealed that there are three licensees that ‘are yet to be announced’ for its […]

iPad 2’s A5 Processor Offers Dynamically Changing Clock Speeds, Faster RAM

Apple A5 die wordmark

Furthering Apple’s refusal to compete based on solely on specs, the iPad 2’s A5 processor, which integrates Imagination Technologies’ SGX543 graphics cores, is reported to have dynamically changing clock speed. Steve Jobs mentioned that the A5 chip is capable of delivering up to twice the processing power and up to 9 times the graphics power […]