How to Stop iMessage Spam on Your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Mac

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Spam is a sad reality of the digital marketing age, and it can crop up anywhere, even in Apple’s popular iMessage service. And while SMS spam, or junk text messages, is annoying enough, the problem with spam sent on Apple’s messaging service is that it doesn’t even require a telephone number as iMessage is available […]

How to Fix the “Waiting for Activation” iMessage Error

iMessage has improved, but is still causing problems.

Since the launch of iOS 5, Apple has supported texting and IMs via iMessage. Sending an iMessage is a lot like sending a text message, except that it uses the phone’s Internet data connection (or Wi-Fi) to send the message. For people who are on limited text messaging plans, this is a great way to […]

Apple Can’t See or Share iMessages or FaceTime with NSA

FaceTime Audio iOS 7 Sample Call

You can rest easy knowing Siri isn’t telling Apple and the NSA about all those searches for where to hide a dead body. Apple cannot read iMessages or monitor FaceTime calls, nor does the company store user location, map searches and Siri requests in an identifiable form, according to a statement linked from the Apple […]

21 iPhone 5 Tips & Tricks

Use the iPhone 5 flash as an LED alert for calls and texts.

Check out this collection of iPhone 5 tips and tricks to get more out of the iPhone 5 without buying a new iPhone. It’s been six months since the iPhone 5 launched, and most people don’t know how to get the most out of the iPhone 5. With this list of iPhone 5 hidden features, […]

iMessage Fails Again with Outage Also Affecting FaceTime

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Apple’s iMessage service continues to show signs of spotty or intermittent service after an outage earlier this week that lasted for a few hours. Today, some users continued to experience problems with the service and took to Twitter to complain. At first, despite many issues and many isolated reports of outages, Apple didn’t acknowledge the outage. Here’s […]

Google Reportedly In Talks to Buy WhatsApp as iMessage Competitor


Google could be in the final stages of acquiring WhatsApp, a popular messaging client available on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and more. According to inside sources who talked to Digitimes, the messaging service and accompanying apps could fetch as much as $1 billion. These sources claim that WhatsApp has been in talks with Google […]

DEA Thinks iMessage Encryption is Too Tough


A leaked document from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) obtained by CNet says Apple’s iMessage makes it difficult to listen in on drug suspects’ text conversations. The document says the encryption Apple uses on iMessage makes it “impossible to intercept iMessages between two Apple devices.” Even after obtaining SMS logs from carriers the agency is […]

How to Set Up iMessage on iPhone and iPad

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iMessage has changed the way that many people communicate with their family and friends on a daily basis. With iMessage being available on any device, it makes it even more convenient to use. Since iMessage is synced with a user’s iCloud account, the messages that are sent to any device can be replied to and […]

How to Set Up iMessage on Your Mac


iMessage is one of the best ways to keep in contact with coworkers, friends and family.  With a few simple steps iMessage can be set up on any Mac. A benefit of setting up Messages for Mac is that all of the conversations that are on the iPhone or iPad via iMessage will be synced […]

The iMessage Benefit: Up to $400 Million in SMS Cost Savings Daily


In its earnings call, Apple had announced that its popular iMessage messaging service has been quite the success, transferring over 2 billion messages daily to over 500 million iOS devices. iMessage can be sent between iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac devices. The service, which replaces traditional text (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS) for many […]

How to Check if iMessage, iCloud and FaceTime Are Down

iMessage Down Check

Apple’s new system status page makes it easy to see if Apple’s growing list of services are down, cutting users off from iMessage, Facetime and iCloud services. This enhanced status page is important as Apple is the source of a growing number of services that users rely on daily. This page makes it easy to […]

iMessage Remains Down for Many as Apple Claims All is Well


This weekend Apple’s iMessage service encountered a few issues, which Apple says it fixed, though the service is still not working for many users on Monday. Apple’s iCloud Support website says iMessage and every other Apple coud service is working, though many iOS users on Twitter are saying the messaging service isn’t working for them. […]

Consumers Texting Less Thanks to Messaging Apps Like iMessage


In the U.S., consumers are beginning to send less text messages, or SMS, thanks to new apps such as iMessage, BlackBerry Messages (BBM), and WhatsApp. According to research date collected by Chetan Sharma Consulting, the number of texts sent and received on networks operated in the U.S. have declined for the first time in the […]

SMS Spoofing Flaw Now Fixed in iOS 6


In a flaw with how Apple’s mobile iOS platform handles SMS messages discovered last month, it appears that Apple has listened to the criticism of hackers and have patched the flaw with the release of iOS 6 on Wednesday. The new mobile OS will be preloaded onto the iPhone 5 when the new flagship smartphone […]

iMessage Down for iPhone, iPad Users (Updated)


While Apple says that iMessage is still up and running, it appears that the service may be down at the moment for iPhone and iPad owners who are trying to send out messages. Earlier today, we heard from a number of iPhone owners who were experiencing issues sending out iMessages to fellow iDevice owners. Instead […]

OS X to Unify Caller ID for iMessage, Facetime


A new update that’s planned for Apple’s desktop OS X platform for Macs is now being seeded to developers in beta mode ahead of the September 12th iPhone 5 media event. Though the update will bring a number of important bug fixes for Apple’s desktop hardware, an important feature for iOS users is that it […]

Apple Urges iPhone Owners to Use iMessage in Response to SMS Security Flaw


Late last week, a newly discovered security flaw on iOS–which extends to the most recent iOS 6 beta 4 operating system currently being seeded to iPhone developers at this time–shows that a glitch in the way Apple’s mobile operating system could lead users to click on malicious links sent through text messaging. Hacker pod2g demonstrated that […]

5 Reasons You Should Forcibly Upgrade Your Friends’ iPhones to iOS 5

iOS 5 logo

Apple released iOS 5 nearly a year ago when the iPhone 4S hit the market, and adoption was swift. But iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS users who didn’t upgrade right away are likely still using the outdated version of iOS, and if they just might be costing you money. After listening to complaints about apps that don’t […]

How to Send an iMessage as a Text Message

Send as SMS

iMessage is a handy way to send free text and picture messages to other iPhone and iPad users, but occasionally the iPhone can’t send an iMessage. When the iMessage fails to send or gets stuck due to poor coverage it is possible to force the iMessage to Send as Text Message. This works great for […]

MightyText Hopes To Be iMessage for Android


MightyText wants to make sending SMS messages easier for Android users by letting them send those messages through other devices. According to TechCrunch, MightyText opened in Beta last August as a Chrome extension but is launching today with more extensions and a new version of the Android app. The idea of MightyText is simple: it […]