iMZDL Teases Relaunch for iOS 7 Beta This Summer

iPhone and iPad users are excited about a possible iOS 7 beta.

The most well-known source for iOS beta access is teasing a relaunch for an iOS 7 beta this summer. iMZDL closed its doors in early November 2012, possibly due to Apple cracking down on sites which¬†provide¬†downloads of the company’s beta software and on services that sell access to the iOS beta software. In postings to […]

How To Install iOS 6 Beta on the iPhone 4S

iOS 6 Beta

If you can’t wait for the fall 2012 iOS 6 release date, you can download iOS 6 and install it on the iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 and iPad right now. Apple only makes the iOS 6 Beta available to developers, but if you aren’t willing to plunk down the $99 for a Developer License you […]