Apple Makes In-App Purchases Easier to See with iOS 7.1.1


In a move that makes so much sense, Apple has made it easier to determine which Apps feature in-app purchases in some places in the App Store. The move came with the release today of iOS 7.1.1 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch lineup of Apple devices. In-app purchases are a valid business model […]

Little Hand Doctor Kids Game Abuses In App Purchases (Video)

Little Hand Doctor is full of ads an in app purchases.

The Little Hand Doctor – Kids Games app shot to the top of the free iPhone games chart overnight, but this free game goes overboard on ads and and in app purchases in a way no kids game should. When opening Little Hand Doctor kids will see two ads before the game can actually be played, […]

How to Turn off In-App purchases in iOS 7

Disable In-app purchases

The App store is a great place to download new and useful apps for the iPhone. While many of these apps are free, some come with a catch known as In-app purchases. An in-app purchase is an add-on to the app to enable certain features, or allow the user to unlock other things not available […]

Google Play Store Makes it Easy for Kids to Overspend


It looks like Apple isn’t the only one letting kids spend their parents hard-earned money on app purchases on the App Store, because Android users are facing a similar situation on the Google Play Store. Last week Apple settled yet another lawsuit for over $32 million in refunds for app purchases and in-app purchases on […]

Apple Settles with FTC Over In-App Purchases with $32.5M in Refunds

In-app purchases

While Apple has already settled a class-action lawsuit last year by refunding in-app purchases accidentally initiated by children, the Federal Trade Commission didn’t seem satisfied just yet. However, according to an email sent out to Apple staff from CEO Tim Cook, the Cupertino company settled with the FTC and will pay an additional $32.5 million […]

In-app Purchases Ruining iPad Games a Few Bucks at a Time

angry birds go in app purchase

Cut the Rope 2 updates one of the most inventive and fun games to hit the iPad and iPhone. The original boosted the physics game category that featured the cute Om Nom. This creature needed peppermints and the player helped deliver them via some physics puzzles where the user cut ropes to drop candy into his […]

How to Turn Off In-App Purchases on the iPhone

In-App Purchases

The iPhone App store convinces many people to buy Apple, compared to other devices. While the App store experience on the iPhone is a great one, a hidden problem is with in-app purchases. In-app purchases are add-ons to an app that has previously been bought, or was originally a free app. While these additions improve […]

Apple Lets Parents Get Refunds For Some iOS In-App Purchases


Parents whose children bought in-app purchases from select iOS games can now request a refund through a lawsuit settlement website. The website is a result of a class action lawsuit filed against Apple in 2011 by parents upset that their children unknowingly spend money on in-app purchases on iOS devices. The lawsuit led to new […]

EA Removing Rock Band From App Store on July 31

Rock Band iPhone

EA Games will soon remove Rock Band from the iOS App Store and shut down servers for in-app purchases. Today EA announced that it will pull Rock Band and Rock Band Reloaded for iOS from the App Store on July 31. Unlike indications from the previous issues with the games, gamers will still be able […]

In-game Purchases for 3DS? Bad Move, Nintendo


Just a week after we heard that Nintendo was slashing prices and sales forecasts on its 3DS, now it looks like they are trying to make up for lost revenue with the addition of in-game purchases in the 3DS (according to Joystiq). This is a desperate move to appease investors, but it will likely only lead […]

Apple Defends App Developers in Patent Fight Against Lodys


We had previously reported that a patent company called Lodys has been targeting small third-party iOS app developers who use Apple’s in-app purchase APIs with a patent infringement lawsuit, and now Apple is speaking out on behalf of its developers and is defending its third-party developers. The Cupertino, California maker of the iPhone and iPad […]

Will Apple Protect Its Developers From Legal Problems?


Small developers who are using Apple’s own in-app purchase APIs in their iOS apps are now being faced with a lawsuit delivered by FedEx from a patent troll. The developers themselves are being sued for patent infringement over in-app purchases for using an API that was made available to them by Apple. While the lawsuit […]

Android Finally Gets In-App Purchases


In a blog post to developers, Google has announced that Android will now get in-app payments and purchases. Google says, “In-app Billing gives you more ways to monetize your apps with try-and-buy, virtual goods, upgrades, and other billing models. If you aren’t yet familiar with In-app Billing, we encourage you to learn more about it.” The […]

Apple’s in-app subscription policy official, strict but not bulletproof


As previously hinted, Apple is rolling out a new in-app subscription system and enforcing a new requirement that the option to purchase a subscription in-app be included. While it does not negate the option to purchase a subscription outside the app, the policy does prohibit links within the app to do so. Pretty strict, but […]

Apple will require option for in-app purchases of reading material


WSJ has updated an earlier report that Apple was forcing publishers to switch to their in-app payment system. Despite dire warnings, this is not a switch but an addition. Publishers that already conduct sales outside the app can continue to do so, but must also offer the option to make the purchase in-app, a policy […]

In-App Purchases Come to Android, BlackBerry OS


It’s unclear if RIM and Google will also clamp down on in-app purchases with some of their third-party e-reader apps like Apple has recently done, but the two competing platforms to iOS have unveiled their versions of in-app purchases. Research in Motion has unveiled BlackBerry App World 2.1, the platform’s app store, which will now […]