Google Play Store Makes it Easy for Kids to Overspend


It looks like Apple isn’t the only one letting kids spend their parents hard-earned money on app purchases on the App Store, because Android users are facing a similar situation on the Google Play Store. Last week Apple settled yet another lawsuit for over $32 million in refunds for app purchases and in-app purchases on […]

How Apple Almost Killed Magazine Subscription Deals

The Magazine is dead. Long live the blog.

When Apple announced in app purchases back in February, the company announced a set of harsh rules for in app subscriptions, specifically regarding the price that publishers could charge for their products and services. Under this policy, the magazine deals that we had come to enjoy were as good as dead because publishers couldn’t afford […]

Apple Subscribes to Sanity: Better In-App Subscription Policy

Apple NewsStand - In App Susbcriptions

Apple has caved to the growing competition, changing the much complained about In-App subscription policy which was set to go into effect at the end of this month. The new Apple subscription policy doesn’t address all of the concerns from publishers, but the new rules do address the big issue of subscription pricing. Previously, the In-App […]

Will Apple Protect Its Developers From Legal Problems?


Small developers who are using Apple’s own in-app purchase APIs in their iOS apps are now being faced with a lawsuit delivered by FedEx from a patent troll. The developers themselves are being sued for patent infringement over in-app purchases for using an API that was made available to them by Apple. While the lawsuit […]

Android Finally Gets In-App Purchases


In a blog post to developers, Google has announced that Android will now get in-app payments and purchases. Google says, “In-app Billing gives you more ways to monetize your apps with try-and-buy, virtual goods, upgrades, and other billing models. If you aren’t yet familiar with In-app Billing, we encourage you to learn more about it.” The […]