Best Android Earbuds Under $100

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A few years back headphones for mobile devices were often just cheap earbuds that came with an iPod purchase or your smartphone for free, but over the years they’ve improved and there is now a wide selected of excellent headphones or earbuds specifically for Android users. The white Apple iBuds were popular for years, but […]

House of Marley Legend Review: In-Ear Headphones


The House of Marley Legend In-Ear headphones are the top of the line earbuds from the environmentally conscious company that bears the name of the famous musical family. House of Marley makes a full line of in-ear and over the ear headphones from $19.99 up to $199.99, all with Marley flair and a focus on […]

Apple Selling Shorter Lightning Cable, Tweaked In-Ear Headphones

Apple short Lightning cable

Today Apple quietly released a new Lightning cable and made a small change to its in-ear headphones. The new Lightning cable from Apple is half the length of the cable it includes with the iPhone 5, iPad mini and other recent iOS devices, but it costs the same. The new cable is 0.5 meters long […]

iPhone 5 May Gain Better Sounding, Comfortable Headphones

New iphone headphones

When iPhone 5 buyers open up their new iPhone boxes later this month, they might find a re-designed pair of Apple headphones, which are said to be smaller and more comfortable to wear. MacRumors points to, a Vietnamese site which routinely posts videos and photos of new Apple products before the official release. The site posts a video of what […]