United Airlines Now Offers Video Streaming on iOS Devices


One of the rituals that many a mobile warrior undertakes to survive the tedium of air travel is to load up a mobile device with video content to watch while a flight is in the air. The recent relaxing of rules about turning mobile devices off during take off and landing has made it even […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Now Available For In-Flight Entertainment (For Some)


Flying long distance American Airlines? Lucky (or rich) enough to be in first or business class? Then your flying experience is about to get a lot more tablet-tastic. Starting today, passengers in the fancy seats won’t have to contend with the same plebeian in-flight entertainment system as the folks in coach. Instead, the flight attendants […]

In-Flight Entertainment on Boeing 787 Dreamliner To Utilize Android, Gesture Control

Android to run in-flight entertainment on android Boeing planes

Boeing’s next generation commercial airplane, the 787 Dreamliner, will also feature next generation in-flight entertainment according to Australian Business Traveller . Embedded displays will soon feature wider viewing angles and less reflection of ambient light. Most will be touchscreens, but for seats where the screen is too far away for that (like first class), the […]

In-Flight Entertainment Coming To Your Tablet, Smartphone and Laptop

Southwest Airlines plans to offer Row 44 in-flight entertainment via Wi-Fi later this year

In-flight Wi-Fi is about to get a lot slower. Yesterday, in-flight entertainment company Row 44 announced that they’re about to change the nature of in-flight entertainment. No longer will passengers on planes without personal entertainment screens in seatbacks have to bring their own videos if they want to avoid the selections provided by the airline. […]