CheapAir Now Includes In-Flight Wi-Fi Availability In Search Results

CheapAir Now Includes In-Flight Wi-Fi Availability In Search Results

*+-I’ve never been a big airline loyalist, but for the past few years I’ve been trying to travel exclusively on Virgin America and Delta because there’s always Wi-Fi available on the former and a good chance of it on the latter. Other airlines have Wi-Fi, just not always as consistently. And not all flight finders […]

Traveling With Delta and In-Flight Wi-Fi

Delta Plane Wi-Fi On Board Decal

*+-Today I’m once again on a plane headed across the country to attend a conference. I prefer to fly with Virgin America because their fleet has free Wi-Fi and a few other sweet amenities. (Though they can keep their Chromebooks…) This time I’m flying Delta, though, and luckily my plane is connected. Delta has increased […]

Why Are So Few People Using In-Flight Wi-Fi?


*+-I’m a big fan of in-flight Wi-Fi and have used it every time I fly when it’s offered. One of the main reasons I fly Virgin America when possible is because GoGo is available on every flight. But according to a USA Today article I’m in the minority. The most optimistic estimates are that less than 10% of passengers […]

Virgin America CEO Loves His ThinkPad

*+-I sat across the aisle from David Cush on Virgin America’s inaugural flight from SFO to SNA yesterday. He was using a ThinkPad x60 and had a lot of good things to say about it. Naturally, I took the opportunity to shoot a GBM Shortcut. Cush likes ThinkPads’ keyboards so much that he refuses to […]