Qi’s New Wireless Resonance Charging Could Give Smartwatches Big Boost


While we saw the introduction of a few smartwatches in 2013, the efforts did not take off as expected due in part to high price points, complicated UIs, and anemic battery life. However, that could change this year if Qi’s new wireless resonance charging standard hits the market and wireless charging pads using the charging […]

New Wireless Charging Pad Leaked for Nokia Lumia 820, 920


It looks like the leaked Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 smartphones that will be announced this week in New York City will get some cool wireless charging accessories. Newly leaked red wireless charging pads from @evleaks suggest that these wireless charging pads may be optional accessories and will likely come in the […]

Apple Patent Hints at Inductive Charging for iPhone 5

Apple Inductive Charging Patent

Apple’s iPhone 5 might not need wires for charging when it comes out later this year. According to Patently Apple, today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published an Apple patent the company applied for back in 2008. The patent is for inductive charging: using a specially designed dock to charge a device without the […]

Verizon Offers Wireless Charging Option for Motorola Droid 4

Motorola Droid 4 Wireless Charging Cover

While the Motorla Droid 4 is essentially a Droid RAZR with a slightly smaller screen and a physical keyboard, it does have an extra feature that Verizon hasn’t spent much time talking about. The Droid 4 has an option to charge wirelessly via inductive charging, as long as you’re not afraid to spend some extra […]

I Want Qi Inductive Charging WPC Lab Certification In All My Gadgets


The Wireless Power Consortium launched an independent testing lab so that your future iPhone or Android phone might truly become wireless, even when you charge the device. I can’t wait for inductive charging to become the norm, rather than a futuristic dream for all of my gadgets. The new lab provides an independent third-party to […]

More Droid Charge Accessories Appear in Stores


Ahead of the official launch date of the Droid Charge on April 28th, official accessories for the Samsung-made, Droid-branded 4G LTE Android smartphone have begun showing up at Verizon Wireless stores. Those accessories include a multimedia dock, a car mount, and also a holster and case combo with a kickstand. The Droid Charge multimedia dock […]

TI Makes Qi Wireless Charging Chips Smaller


Texas Instruments is making its Qi-compatible wireless charging chips smaller. According to the company, the chips are 80 percent smaller than the current generation chipsets and this would help to make wireless charging a feature on various consumer electronic devices, including smartphones, digital cameras, portable gaming consoles, tablets, and other gadgets. Here are some of […]

LG Revolution Gets Fulton Qi Inductive Wireless Charging Back Cover


At Mobile World Congress, Fulton was showing off its inductive wireless charging solution, which will be inter-operable with other devices thanks to its reliance on the Qi wireless charging standard introduced by the Wireless Power Consortium. Handset makers such as Motorola, LG, and HTC have all signed on, so if you have a Motorola phone […]

Microsoft building a smarter charging pad


Word trickling out of Engadget is that Microsoft Asia is busy working on a smarter inductive charging pad. Out of blog, I’m Just Being Manan, a patent for the technology was revealed. Later, reader jihuiwen did them one better and shared photos of the actual prototype on his Flickr account.