HTC ThunderBolt Wireless Charging Battery Cover Shows Up on

ThunderBolt Wireless Charging Battery Cover

The HTC Thunderbolt has a battery problem, but one way to address it would be with a wireless charger for the HTC Thunderbolt. We had heard rumors about an Inductive battery cover for the HTC Thunderbolt which could wirelessly charge the device much like Powermat chargers, but we hadn’t seen official proof until this evening when we […]

TI Makes Qi Wireless Charging Chips Smaller


Texas Instruments is making its Qi-compatible wireless charging chips smaller. According to the company, the chips are 80 percent smaller than the current generation chipsets and this would help to make wireless charging a feature on various consumer electronic devices, including smartphones, digital cameras, portable gaming consoles, tablets, and other gadgets. Here are some of […]

HP TouchPad webOS Tablet Hands On Video


Earlier today HP had unveiled its webOS tablet, called the TouchPad, along with a few webOS-powered smartphone. The lineup announced today, according to HP, marks the beginning of the next-generation of webOS devices. The company is promising that the mobile operating system will make its way over to Internet-connected printers along with desktop and notebook […]