HTC to Ditch Physical QWERTY Keyboards on Smartphones in Favor of Thin Design


As part of the company’s re-design and new mantra, thin is very┬áin at HTC. After having announced that the company will be designing its future smartphone lineup to feature slim profiles, HTC had also announced that it would be abandoning physical QWERTY keyboards on its smartphones. While the news makes sense given Android’s and Windows […]

Rumor: Apple iPhone 5 Launching in June With Liquidmetal Case


The latest report suggests that Apple may be moving the launch date for its next-generation iPhone launch back to June after having launched the iPhone 4S in the fall. Additionally, the company’s latest flagship smartphone is described to have a Liquidmetal case, giving it strength while retaining a thin and light form factor. In the […]

To Give the One S Its Strength, HTC Strikes It With a Lightning Shock


In a marketing video highlighting how the HTC One S is made, HTC reveals how the company is giving the One S smartphone its strength. While the company has been using metal finishes on its smartphones for years–the original international version of the GSM HTC Hero smartphone is a prime example–HTC is stepping up the […]

ADzero Bamboo Android Phone Offers Natural Charm, Eco-Friendly Stature


Once a concept of Middsex University design student Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, the bamboo-clad Android smartphone design will soon be commercialized as the ADzero phone. Rather than plastics, metals, or other materials, the ADzero phone features a natural bloc of bamboo wood back, which helps to add charm to the device as no two phones will be […]

Nokia to Experiment With New Colors for Lumia 800 in 2012


Nokia may be experimenting with new color variations for the recently released Nokia Lumia 800, the first Windows Phone fruition as a product of a joint partnership with Microsoft, for early 2012. The company had unveiled the Lumia 800 at Nokia World with black, cyan, and magenta as color options, but more bright and vivid […]

Front-Facing Tablet Speakers the Key to Differentiating from Apple iPad?


In Samsung’s and Apple’s on-going patent design lawsuit, Samsung may have seemingly scored a victory against Apple’s iPad with its slightly re-designed Galaxy Tab 10.1N, which was created for the German market after Apple had won an early victory against the original Galaxy Tab 10.1. On the 10.1N model, Samsung made some slight modifications to […]

LightPad Accessory Piggybacks on Lapdock Concept, But With 60-Inch Display


Similar to Motorola’s Lapdock accessory that converts any of the company’s Webtop-enabled Android smartphone into a lightweight protable netbook with an 11-inch screen, the LightPad concept gives users the transforming experience and even greater flexibility. Plug in a compatible smartphone, and LightPad will offer users a physical keyboard and a rear-projected 11-inch display in netbook […]

Google, Apple Developing Wearable Computing Device


Beyond smartphones, mobile giants Apple and Google are working on wearable computing devices that would serve as a proxy and allow its wearers to interact with either their smartphones or with the cloud. Apple had already begun testing the waters for wearable computing technology with the iPod Nano released last year where the Cupertino, California […]

Apple to Completely Re-Design iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Line in 2012

iPhone 5 mockup - what it might look like with a bigger screen

2012 may be a big year for Apple as the company plans to overhaul and offer new designs for its mobile product line, which includes the iPhone smartphone, iPad tablet, and MacBook notebook line. Supplier sources informed DigiTimes of new component and parts orders that would corroborate the claims of new redesigns for 2012. The […]

Why We May Never See an iPhone Screen Larger Than 4-Inch


When it comes to screen sizes and real estate, we’ve seen anything from a paltry 2.8-inch display to enormous 5.2-inch screens on Android phones, but with the iPhone, the screen has remained at a constant 3.50-inch diagonal through successive generations of the Apple smartphone. Various reasons are given from for the iPhone’s consistent display real […]

Porsche Design P’9981 Smartphone From BlackBerry Now Official


Research in Motion and Porsche Design have now made the Porsche Design P’9981 smartphone from BlackBerry now official. The P’9981 is essentially the BlackBerry Bold 9900 series with a different external shell to highlight Porsche Design’s minimalist industrial design. This will be RIM’s first collaboration with a luxury brand to release a smartphone and RIM […]

MacBook-esque Laptop Dock for Transformer Prime Spotted


Though Asus had flashed the new, second-generation Eee Pad Transformer, called the Transformer Prime, earlier this month in Asia on stage at AsiaD, we are now finally seeing photos of the tablet’s laptop dock up close. The Laptop Dock borrows its visual cues from the company’s new Zenbook ultrabook notebook, with an aluminum colored shell […]

BlackBerry Knight: A Collaboration Between RIM and Porsche Design


The BlackBerry Knight has been leaked before, revealing an angular shaped BlackBerry smartphone with specs matching those of Research in Motion’s latest flagship Bold 9900 series. In what was previously dubbed by some as ‘the ugliest BlackBerry,’ we now know that the device is a collaboration between RIM from the technology perspective and Porsche Design’s […]

Asus Confirms Padphone Coming with Ice Cream Sandwich by End of Year


In addition to showing off the Transformer Prime tablet with a quad-core CPU and Android Ice Cream Sandwich onboard, Asus head Jonney Shih also took time to confirm that the Padfone will be coming to market by the end of the year. The Padfone was unveiled earlier this year and introduced a new hardware concept […]

HP Talks About Notebook Designs, Windows 8, Touch, Ultrabooks

Northwest Harris-20110927-00093

This article is cross-posted on I had joined HP on a press tour earlier this week where the company was showing off its business-class EliteBook notebooks, which is an elegant aluminum-clad enterprise notebook that boasts rugged features that are tested using military specs. During the company’s presentation on design, notebooks design head Stacy Wolff […]