Huawei Honour Press Photos: An Homage to HTC, Apple Design?


Official press photos have began to leak for the Huawei Honour Android smartphone, revealing an attractive mid-range smartphone with design inspirations from Apple and HTC. At this point, it is believed that the Honour will boast a single-core 1.4 GHz processor, a 4-inch display though the pixel resolution is unknown at this time, and front- […]

HTC Going the Samsung Route, Chooses Plastic Over Metal in Future Phones


HTC may be looking at utilizing more plastics in its smartphone casing in future phones in a move away from its signature ubibody aluminum designs that was popularized on phones like the international GSM HTC Hero, the HTC Desire and HTC Inspire 4G for AT&T, and the HTC Sensation. The company’s utilization of plastic would […]

Apple Out-Thins Samsung in Latest UK Battle


Apple and Samsung had been vying for the world’s slimmest smartphone title. Most recently, Samsung had challenged Apple’s marketing claim for the slim iPhone 4 in the UK with Samsung losing out on that battle. According to Sasmung, Apple’s iPhone 4 with a thickness of 9.4 mm is thicker than the Galaxy S II, which […]

iPad 3 to Have Thinner, Longer Lasting Battery


Thought the iPad 1 and iPad 2 had an impressively long 10-hour battery life in a sleek package? Well, Apple may be looking to shrink the tablet’s thickness even further with an even thinner battery pack that’s supposed to deliver the same performance and can be recharged more times than the current and previous generation […]

Toshiba Trims the Fat; Slimmer Tablet Coming Soon


Toshiba, which has launched its debut Android Honeycomb Thrive tablet, is looking to expand its tablet market share by introducing a new model soon that’s sleeker and slimmer according to leaked reports. While the Thrive is an affordable Android tablet with a number of connectivity features and ports, adaptive display that upscales images and videos, […]

Huawei Vision Android Gingerbread Phone Marries Best of HTC, Samsung Styling


Huawei’s latest Android Gingerbread handset, called the Vision, is an attractive smartphone that combines the best of HTC’s and Samsung’s styling. Utilizing a unibody construction, the Vision’s back side resembles a cross between the HTC Flyer or Sprint EVO View 4G tablet, while the rounded corner design is very remiscent of Samsung’s Google Nexus S […]

Domino+ Adds Some Curves to Motorola’s Android Hardware Design

dom2 The Motorola Domino+ is quite possibly the cutest Android smartphone weve ever laid our eyes on

Though the Domino+ is a China release at this time, the smartphone shows that Motorola is capable of straying away from its hard-lined design approach when it comes to designing Android smartphone hardware. For a company that’s been infamously linked to sharp edges, lines, and angles from the RAZR and Droid eras, the Domino+ looks […]

Droid X2 Shown, Maintaining Original Droid X Industrial Design

Droid X2

With early benchmarks of the Droid X2 letting on what internal hardware specs we may anticipate to find, we now have some more images of the successor to Verizon Wireless’s original 4.3-inch Android device. The Droid X2, in these revealing photos, shows off a 4.3-inch Android smartphone that maintains the look and feel of the […]