Sumocat Predicted the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 and 10 in 2010

Sumocat's Tablet Design from 2010 looks a lot like the Yoga Tablet 8 and Yoga Tablet 10

Call him prescient, call him a dreamer, call him a visionary. You can also call him a patent attorney because maybe he needs one. The him refers to former GBM blogger and the Godfather of Inking, Mark “Sumocat” Sumimoto. Sumocat was and still is passionate about the Tablet form factor. As a blogger who put […]

Inking on the Fujitsu Lifebook T900


As I teased earlier, I’m currently evaluating a Fujitsu Lifebook T900 Tablet PC on loan from Fujitsu. I’ll be shooting some video of the pen + multi-touch system in action as well as of the general hardware. But since I have some quiet time now, I thought I’d spill some thoughts about the inking.

Penultimate brings smooth, fluid ink to iPad #inktweet


This may yet turn into a case of “be careful what you wish for” but for the time being, I am thoroughly impressed by what I’m seeing of an iPad inking app called Penultimate. Why? Because what I’m seeing are smooth, fluid lines of varying thickness, the closest I’ve seen to ink from an active […]

iPad ink blogging comparison


Normally I’d resent not being the guinea pig on this, but I honestly can only be glad that my favorite ink blogger, Jezlyn, is putting pen to screen to bring ink blogging to the iPad. The results are, well, see for yourself.

PadNotes to turn your iPad into a notepad


I regret banking on lack of inking as my reason to not get the iPad. I’ve already been shown that ink on the small iPhone screen can look good. Now there’s a video demo of an app called PadNotes that shows how it might work on the iPad. You hear that? That is the sound […]

Misleading Courier Photo Reveals My Years of Deception


Larry O’Brien of Knowing .NET has taken to task the main photo from the latest Courier sneak peek, calling it “misleading” and pointing out that the writing shown on the screen could not have been written at that size. He went so far as to sector the screen and determine that the lettering was only […]

Two ink bloggers back in black


Well, not quite literally back in black. One of them typically sticks with colors, while the other has a knack for colorful accents. But the point is, tardy party girl Cheryl and Bradtastic Brad have returned to the ink blogging fold with their wonderful, unique styles.

Sumocat Keeps Cartooning


I’m glad to see that Sumocat is continuing to draw cartoons. Like I said before it only makes sense that he does so. Here’s a panel from his latest. You’ll need to go to Sumocat’s Scribbles to check out the whole thing.

Some New Ink Bloggers


The Father of Ink Blogging, Sumocat, has uncovered a couple of new Ink Bloggers that are worth following. Especially since Ink Bloggers seem to burst onto the scene with a flair and then fade away. I guess that’s only natural given that it takes some real dedication and desire to keep at Ink Blogging, which […]