Warner Crocker’s Ink Blot Awards: 2010 Edition


Our own Warner Crocker is at it again, handing out his annual Ink Blot Awards. The list of recipients is long and (mostly) distinguished. This marks the sixth year that Warner’s put together the list over at Life on the Wicked Stage, his personal blog. I highly recommend reading through the list of awardees and […]

Haptic Adapters Improve iPad, Tablet Touchscreen Experience


The Tokyo Institute of Technology is working to improve touchscreen input with a range of haptic adapters. The adapters, which can be attaced to your thumb or held like a brush, look pretty straight forward and I wouldn’t be surprised if these went from research to production overnight. In this video, a researcher shows how […]

GBM Shortcut: FastFinga Inking on the iPad


I’m always on the hunt for iPad apps that turn the media consumption device into a useful productivity tool. Unlike Steve Jobs, I still believe that the pen has a place in digital note taking and computing. Many iPad apps have promised inking capabilities, and many most have failed horribly. Penultimate is a good example of one […]

Penultimate brings smooth, fluid ink to iPad #inktweet


This may yet turn into a case of “be careful what you wish for” but for the time being, I am thoroughly impressed by what I’m seeing of an iPad inking app called Penultimate. Why? Because what I’m seeing are smooth, fluid lines of varying thickness, the closest I’ve seen to ink from an active […]

"If you see a stylus they blew it" – I’m with Steve Jobs


Xavier Lanier reported from the iPhone 4 OS launch at Apple headquarters that Steve Jobs answered a question about the possibility of a stylus for iPad with this little gem: “If you see a stylus, they blew it” Gotta love Steve J for his “super” quotes. Well sorry folks, but I’m with Steve on this […]

iPad ‘inking demo': Stick with a Tablet PC if Inking Matters

The iPad is simply not a good device for inking and I doubt that any third-party software’s going to improve the experience much. One of the problems is that the iPad uses a capacitive multi-touch display that lacks palm rejection. While this is all fine and dandy if you want to consume content, it creates […]

Inking coming to Evernote for the iPad


The lack of an active digitizer for inking on the iPad has everyone (okay, maybe primarily me) down. The folks at Evernote aren’t letting that stop them from adding it to a future version of their iPad app, which is already live and ready for download in universal iPhone/iPad format.

An Inker’s Review of Office 2010

microsoft-office2010.jpg (JPEG Image, 449x289 pixels)

Over in the GBM forums, sbtablet has penned a pretty thorough review of the Beta of Office 2010 from an Inker’s perspective. Sharon covers OneNote, Word, and Powerpoint and lays out what those who haven’t dabbled in the Beta have to look forward to, as well as some dislikes and likes. Well worth a read.

SketchNotes Offers Finger Inking for the iPad

First Look_ SketchNotes for iPad

One of the requests I’m getting over and over when it comes to reviewing the iPad is about Inking. To be clear, I don’t anticipate Inking to be what Tableteers are used to in any shape or form, but there are some options out there that will be worth testing. One of those looks like […]

PadNotes to turn your iPad into a notepad


I regret banking on lack of inking as my reason to not get the iPad. I’ve already been shown that ink on the small iPhone screen can look good. Now there’s a video demo of an app called PadNotes that shows how it might work on the iPad. You hear that? That is the sound […]

Hanvon Tablets Look Intriguing for Inkers


Yesterday we mentioned the great CeBit coverage from jkkmobile and Netbooknews.com. In checking out some of the videos from the show, this one from jkkmobile featuring the Hanvon Tablets caught my eye, because it is the first new wave Tablet I’ve heard about that might have a digitizer/stylus option for Inking. Hanvon is debuting two […]

Tablet PC 2.0: How Important is the Pen?


The heart and soul of GottaBeMobile has been Tablet PCs; we’ve documented and provided news about the latest and greatest tablets to hit the market for several years. Our readers are perhaps the most savvy tablet experts around. That being said, what are your thoughts about purchasing any of the upcoming Tablet 2.0 devices that […]

Video of Inking on HP tm2

In a comment to a post on jkOnTheRun Shogmaster apparently got some hands on time with the HP tm2 and tried out some inking. The video is embedded below. As I watch it, though it looks like his hand is away from the screen, not resting on it, so we’re still looking for info on […]

OneNote vs Evernote! Let Ink Be Spilled!


Will OneNote be the one, or will Evernote be forever? You decide at Lifehacker’s Battle of the Desktop Note-Taking Apps! Yes, the productivity blog Lifehacker  has put it to their readers to decide which  desktop note-taking app  will reign supreme. They even give a shout-out to  the Tablet PC niche by pointing out how much […]

Hantech Siso Tablo Reviewed


We’ve reported on a similar product in the Hanwha Duo, but now we have a review of a working unit of the Hantech Siso Tablo from the folks over at Slashgear. The Siso Tablo works on the same premise as the Duo with a transceiver unit that sits either atop your laptop a la webcam […]

Ed Bott and Windows 7 Starter Edition

We’ve written a lot about Windows 7 Starter Edition and so has everybody else. We’ve also had a lot of objections to the concept from both a marketing standpoint and the 3 application limit that the Starter Edition will come with. Ed Bott has taken a serious look at that 3 app limit and put […]

Someone Make me the King of Note Taking


Last night was a rare night in the Crocker/Savaiano household. We both had the night off and after a rare lovely dinner at home, and making a silly video, we decided to just be bums and catch up on some TV viewing and wipe some stuff off the DVR. One of the shows we’ve been […]

Turn Any Laptop Into A Tablet With The Hanwha Duo


Do you find yourself wishing your notebook computer was sometimes a tablet? Have you been putting off getting a tablet because of the tradeoffs? Are JKK’s and Chippy’s touchscreen modifications to standard netbooks something you’ve always wanted to do but weren’t comfortable doing? If you answered “yes” to these questions, Hanwha Japan’s Duo just might […]

Sumocat Inks Some Cartoons


This evolution can only be described as natural. Father of Ink Blogging Mark ““Sumocat” Sumimoto has taken up his digital pen and moved from Ink Blogging (his handwriting is pretty to look at) to cartooning. Or at least he’s trying his hand at it. Head over to Sumocat’s Scribble’s and offer him some encouragement as […]

PenOffice 3.1 Offers OpenOffice Inking Support


Phatware has released version 3.1 of their PenOffice software.  If you are an OpenOffice.org users with a Tablet PC, then you need to check out this update.  The new version of PenOffice now includes support for OpenOffice.org 3.0 or later documents.  That means that programs like Writer, Calc and Draw documents can now have handwritten […]