Inking and Windows Search

Down under Tableteer Craig Pringle says Windows Search in more Inking friendly and I agree. The new TIP does do a better job than what we had before. Craig has put up a video showing this off (which is embedded after the jump.) Quite honestly as I experiment with the Windows 7 Beta, I’m really […]

Tablet PC Inking Plugin for Acrobat


Good friend of James Province shot us a link to a video showing an Inking plugin for Acrobat.  What’s the best part?  Well, James is the star of that video!  The post that is over on the Acrobat Blogs is informative and also has a video overview of the application in action.  This new […]

Free Inking Applications for your New Tablet PC


So if you woke up Christmas morning and discovered a new Tablet PC under your tree where do you start? What first? Which applications should I grab? Well, this post won’t cover all your bases, but it will get you started with a few Inking applications on your Tablet PC.  

GBM InkShow: Inking in Windows 7 pre-Beta Build


Here we go. The pre-Beta build for Windows 7 is in the hand of testers, and I’m lucky enough to have a shot at checking it out, along with several other members of the GBM Team. Rob has already posted some screenshots and to continue our exploration of the next generation of Windows, here is […]

Buying a Notebook? Must-Haves.

Eee PC Adapter (flickr cc: -N8-)

Notebook computers have changed a lot in just a few years.   There are a few improvements on most consumer models that you shouldn’t live without.   Here are a few things to look for in your next laptop: LED Screen An LED backlit screen uses, you guessed it, LEDs rather than something like CCFL […]