Instagram Ads: Sponsored Photo Ads in Instagram’s Future


*+-While Facebook’s earnings call didn’t fully detail the company’s plans for its core social networking business, CEO Mark Zuckerberg did make one thing clear. Its Instagram social network subsidiary will need to hold its own profit-wise, and it’s likely it’ll do so by adding advertisements. According to Zuckerberg, Instagram founder Kevin Synctrom had always made it […]

Instagram Now Supports the Google Nexus 7

Instagram for Android Update Brings Nexus 7 Support

*+-An Instagram for Android update has brought support for Google’s Nexus 7 tablet which launched last week. The update, which was rolled out today, not only brings support for the Nexus 7 along with it, but it also brings the ability to share photos to Flickr. This is obviously welcome news for those that have […]

Instagram for Android Gets a Nice Update

Instagram for Android Gets a Nice Update

*+-Instagram has been very good about updating its Instagram for Android application and today marks yet another update for the popular photography application. The latest update for Instagram for Android brings a number of fixes along with it that should help to address some of more problematic bugs that Android users have been seeing. In […]

Flipboard for Android Going Beta to Deliver Better App

Developers Should Take Note of Flipboard for Android

*+-Developing for Android and its wide swath of devices can be a pain. Just ask the developers of Instagram and Temple Run who ran into issues shortly after launch. However, the developers of another big app that has yet to make its way to Android are trying something a little different to ensure their app […]

Instagram for Android: A Lesson in Great Apps

Instagram for Android Gets A Nice Update

*+-Instagram for Android, one of the more popular applications on the Google Play Store, has received an update today that squashes some pesky little bugs while shoring up reliability on certain devices. This latest update comes just a short time after the Instagram team brought the popular tilt-shift affect and tablet support to Android users. […]

Instagram for Android Update Brings New Feature

Instagram for Android Update Brings New Feature

*+-Instagram for Android has been outfitted with a new update that brings along a new feature that is featured on Instagram for iOS but has been missing on the Android version of the application since launch. With the latest update, Instagram for Android has been given the tilt-shift effect for supported devices, Instagram doesn’t say […]

Instagram Hits 50 Million Users

Instagram for Android

*+-Just a few weeks after launching on Android, Instagram has grown to over 50 million users. According to Mashable, the Instagram API now says that over 50 million users have already joined the photo sharing service. The app is gaining about 5 million users very week. Two weeks ago, on April 13, Instagram crossed 40 […]

Fake Instagram for Android Apps Spreading Malware

Fake Instagram for Android Apps Spreading Malware

*+-On the heels of the Instagram for Android roll out and Instagram’s subsequent sale to Facebook, comes word that there are malicious versions of the Instagram for Android application floating around the internet, versions that could infect Android devices with malware. According to a blog post from IT security company Sophos, by way of the […]

Instagram for Android Updated Again, Now Supports HTC One X

Instagram for Android

*+-Instagram came to the Android platform just over one week ago, and it’s already on its third update. This newest update fixes problems on Tegra 3 devices, and adds support for HTC’s newest flagship device. According to The Verge, after a week of waiting, HTC One X users can finally use Instagram to share photos. The […]

Instagram for Android: 5 Million Downloads in Under a Week

Instagram for Android: 5 Million Downloads in Under a Week

*+-Instagram, which was recently bought out by Facebook for $1 billion, has seen its Android application top the five million download mark in the apps first six days of existence on the Google Play Store. The milestone, reported by The Next Web, comes after the application saw one million downloads on its first day on […]

Instagram for Android Update Brings Support for Tablets

Instagram for Android Update Brings Support for Tablets

*+-Instagram has been hard at work on improving its Android application and today, the app has received yet another update, one that brings several bug fixes and also brings support for Android-powered tablets and Wi-Fi only devices. The update comes after the developers of the popular camera application released two significant updates aimed at curbing […]

EyeEm Offers a Great Alternative to Instagram for iPhone and Android

EyeEm Live Filters

*+-EyeEm is an alternative for those who aren’t satisfied with Instagram for Android or just want something different with some handy extra features. EyeEm is a photo sharing and filters app that doctors up smartphone photos to make them more interesting. EyeEm has its own sharing service and works with other services, including Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. EyeEm’s developers […]

Instagram for Android Gets Yet Another Update

Instagram for Android Gets Yet Another Update

*+-Earlier this week, Instagram for Android arrived for device owners. Soon after the app’s launch on the Google Play Store, the developers behind the app released a bug fix update. Still, users were experiencing issues. Well, Instagram listened and it has released yet another update that should help to fix a lot of the issues […]

Instagram for Android: 1 Million Downloads in Under 24 Hours

Instagram for Android: 1 Million Downloads in 24 Hours

*+-Yesterday, Instagram for Android finally launched after quite a wait and in its first 24 hours on the Google Play Store – the new name for the Android Market, the application managed to snatch up over 1 million downloads. This puts the application up there with the biggest app launches in Android history and it’s […]

iPhone Users Whine About Instagram for Android (Video)


*+-While Android users were delighted to find out that Instagram for Android was finally available on most Android phones, a vocal minority of  iPhone owners are annoyed that their lo-fi photo fun has been crashed by Instagram Android users. if you search Twitter for Android Instagram you’ll find a collection of complaints and laughable whining […]

Instagram for Android Review (Video)


*+-After an excruciating wait, Instagram for Android has arrived. The Instagram team took their time porting the popular iPhone app to Android, and it has paid off. The app looks and feels like it was made for Android and runs great on the Galaxy Nexus. Instagram is available for free from Google Play. You may […]

Instagram for Android Already Gets an Update

Instagram for Android Already Gets Updated

*+-Earlier today, the long awaited Instagram for Android app arrived for users of Google’s mobile operating system. It was an app that had been rumored for quite so time so it was exciting to finally see it roll out. Over the course of the day though, we’ve heard from several Android users who were reporting […]

Instagram for Android: First Impressions and Performance

Instagram for Android: First Impressions and Performance

*+-Today is a huge day for those who are proud owners of an Android device as Instagram for Android is finally available on the Google Play Store. The app has been one of the most anticipated app launches in Android history and those who use their smartphone as a camera will want to this app […]

Instagram for Android Launches!

Instagram for Android

*+-We’ve been following Instagram’s Android app for months, and now just weeks after launching the Instagram for Android teaser page, Instagram for Android has launched. Instagram for Android is now available for practically every Android smartphone n the Google Play Store as a free download. Instagram for Android is more than just a photography app with artistic filters, it’s […]

iPhone and iPad Apps We Want On Android Smartphones and Tablets

*+-We don’t need every app in the iTunes App Store to make the hop over to the Google Play Store, but there are a few that droid users clamor for more than most. Some we’re going to get in the near future, but others are still stubbornly sticking to iOS. Make some noise for your favorites in the comments.