Instagram 2.5 for iPhone and iPad Launches

Instagram 2.5 for iPhone and iPad Launches

Instagram has released its first update for the iPhone and iPad since it was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion back in April of this year. The update brings quite a few new features and enhancements along with it which should please those with an iPhone or iPad who have felt that an update has […]

Instagram Hits 50 Million Users

Instagram for Android

Just a few weeks after launching on Android, Instagram has grown to over 50 million users. According to Mashable, the Instagram API now says that over 50 million users have already joined the photo sharing service. The app is gaining about 5 million users very week. Two weeks ago, on April 13, Instagram crossed 40 […]

EyeEm Offers a Great Alternative to Instagram for iPhone and Android

EyeEm Live Filters

EyeEm is an alternative for those who aren’t satisfied with Instagram for Android or just want something different with some handy extra features. EyeEm is a photo sharing and filters app that doctors up smartphone photos to make them more interesting. EyeEm has its own sharing service and works with other services, including Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. EyeEm’s developers […]

iPhone Users Whine About Instagram for Android (Video)


While Android users were delighted to find out that Instagram for Android was finally available on most Android phones, a vocal minority of  iPhone owners are annoyed that their lo-fi photo fun has been crashed by Instagram Android users. if you search Twitter for Android Instagram you’ll find a collection of complaints and laughable whining […]