Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Problems & Fixes

Here's how to fix common Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare problems.

Common Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare problems including missing bonus items, slow downloads and slow installation of the game. The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare release started today, November 3rd with a full day of double XP, but for many users it is shaping up to be a few hours of Double XP due to Call of Duty: […]

Nest Learning Thermostat Review Installation & First Impressions

Nest Learning Thermostat Installed

The Nest Learning Thermostat is simple to install and a joy to use after just a few days. Thermostats are not the sexiest gadgets, but they serve an important job – keeping us and our gadgets cool in the summer and protected from freezing pipes in the winter. The Nest Learning Thermostat breaks this mold, […]