HTC One M9 Release Smashes iPhone 6 AppleCare+


This week the HTC One M9 release date finally arrived for those in Taiwan, not to mention HTC confirmed availability in the United States will begin starting on April 10th. However, today HTC took a few minutes to host a live stream video talking about the brand new smartphone, and something called Uh-Oh, which is […]

Best Home Inventory Apps & Why You Need One

Using home inventory apps can save some stress after a major loss.

Odds are good you are asking, “What is a home inventory app and why do I need one?” A home inventory app is an easy way to track the items in your house with photos, values and serial numbers so that you have proof of your belongings in case of fire or theft and so […]

Keep Your iPhone Safe During the Most Dangerous Month for Smartphones

A broken iPhone is no joke and April is the most likely month to break your iPhone or Android.

April is the biggest month for iPhone and Android damage, loss and theft according to the data from ProtectYourBubble. The company tells Gotta Be Mobile that claims for broken or stolen iPhones spiked 70% higher than Winter months and 42% higher than the annual average. In short, if you are going to break your iPhone […]

Worried About Breaking Your iPhone? What You Should Really Worry About

iPhone damage

It may come as a surprise, but device insurance company ProtectCELL says that iPhones break less than other smartphones, including broken screens and other problems that require a replacement device. According to their numbers, 46% of iPhone owners are less likely to need a replacement device than other smartphone owners. However, there’s always a trade-off, and […]

Samsung Protection Plus Warranty Aims to Take on AppleCare+


Samsung already offers extended warranty options for its devices, but you’d never know because it isn’t something widely discussed. However, this weekend new reports have surfaced showing the company is planning a new take on its warranty offering. Possibly aiming to take on Applecare, Samsung could be delivering a new Protection Plus Warranty plan for […]

Clock Ticking to Buy AppleCare+ for the iPhone 5s

Broken iPhones are no joke. Here's a look a the best iPhone 5s insurance and warranty options.

iPhone 5s owners who bought the new iPhone at Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint without insurance or a warranty can still add AppleCare or most other warranty options for the next two weeks without paying higher prices or passing on AppleCare+ altogether. Carriers offer their own insurance and most do not include an option to […]

Verizon Holding Open Enrollment for Insurance Until December 2


If you didn’t sign up for insurance when you upgraded to a new phone on Verizon, the carrier is giving you another opportunity to do so. Usually, you only have 30 days after you upgrade your phone to purchase insurance for it, and once that time period has passed, you’re usually out of luck. However, […]

Verizon Insurance for the iPhone 5s: Is It Worth It?


When you went to go buy your shiny new iPhone 5s at a Verizon carrier store, you most likely were asked if you wanted the carrier’s protection plan, which is simply just insurance for the phone that covers pretty much anything that happens to it. It costs just $10 per month, which doesn’t seem like […]

Apple to Soon Support Night Owls With 24-Hour AppleCare Chat Service


Apple may soon a 24-7 chat service that would provide 24-hour support for customers with Apple products ranging from iPhone to desktop Mac computers through an online chat service to help resolve any problems. Though the 24-7 support service may be limited to online chat, it may help Apple continue to grow its customer service […]

State Farm’s RightLane: New App Tracks Driving, Saves on Insurance

RightLane by State Farm

RightLane is an Android app currently in beta testing by State Farm. This application is likely a response to the Progressive Snapshot program. Snapshot by Progressive is a device that plugs into the vehicle’s diagnostic port and tracks driving behavior. It tracks everything from speed to the time-of-day the vehicle is in operation. If the driver […]

Cellhelmet iPhone Case Offers Accidental Damage Protection


Sure, you can buy insurance from your iPhone carrier of choice in the U.S. or deal with Apple Geniuses directly through AppleCare or AppleCare Plus, but another option to prevent accidental damage to your phone will be by utilizing a case, which should adequately help with the occasional bump or drop. However one case, Cellhelmet, […]

Top 5 New iPad Warranty and Insurance Options Compared

The new iPad 3rd Generation is on the way to home and stores across the country, which means it will soon be in your hands, where you’ll be able to drop it and break it. The iPad isn’t a cheap gadget, and in drop tests the iPad doesn’t do so well. Even if you plan […]

Apple to Offer AppleCare+ Accidental Damage Protection for iPad?


With the introduction of the iPad 3 or iPad HD hours away, it is speculated that Apple may mirror its extended warranty protection program available on the iPhone for its iOS tablet. Apple may introduce an AppleCare+ program that would be slightly more expensive than the current AppleCare program for the iPad, but with the […]

Last Day to Purchase AppleCare+ on your iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S AppleCare+

If you have been meaning to purchase AppleCare+, the new warranty and accidental damage protection plan from Apple, for your preordered iPhone 4S, you better get to it. Today, November 14th, is the last day you can add the plan to your iPhone 4S if you didn’t purchase the warranty when you bought your iPhone […]

How to Take a Home Inventory With Your Smartphone

Home Inventory Smartphone

If you have a bunch of stuff, you need to take a home inventory so that you are prepared in the event of theft or loss. A home inventory is an easy way to identify anything that is missing and to provide police and insurance adjusters with the information they need to do their job. Too often most homeowners […]

AT&T to Lower iPhone Insurance Premium Beginning July 17


Come this July 17th, the insurance premium offered for the iPhone will be lowered for AT&T subscribers. The new program, which is offered in partnership with Asurion, will cost $4.99 per month to insure along with a deductible of $125 per claim for smartphones, of which the iPhone is classified as, or $50 for feature […]

AppleCare is NOT Insurance, Protect Your iPhone w/ Insurance


I can’t remember the last time I walked into an Apple store and didn’t hear someone referring to AppleCare as insurance. The Verizon iPhone will likely bring millions of users into the Apple camp for the first time and I think a lot of people overrate and misunderstand AppleCare. While AppleCare might be a good choice for some […]