Nexus 8 With 64-bit Android Rumored for July

Nexus-7-review-2013-004 (1)

Rumors of Google releasing a Nexus 8 have been swirling since last November when a mysterious tablet appeared on Google’s own site, not to mention various reports and rumors that an LG Nexus 8 was coming soon. While we’ve yet to hear or see any concrete details, a new rumor from AndroidPit claims Google will […]

Intel Launches New Bay Trail Atom Chips for Tablets


Just a couple months after launching its fourth-generation Haswell processors, Intel is updating its Atom lineup with new Bay Trail chips for Windows 8 and Android tablets. The new 22nm chips use Intel’s newest Silvermont architecture, and are officially dubbed the Z3000 series. These new processors will go head-to-head with ARM and nVidia in the […]

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 With Intel Inside Could Rule the World


It looks like Samsung may be working on a new version of the Galaxy S4 flagship smartphone, this time eschewing the ARM-based Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 and the Exynos 5 Octa processors for a competing Intel Atom CPU at its heart. A slide revealed by Engadget from Intel’s presentation shows off new mobile devices that have been […]

Intel to Distance Itself From Netbooks, Dumps Atom Brand on Laptops, Convertible


In a bid to distance itself from the failed netbook computing form factor, Intel will not be using its Atom brand in upcoming laptops and convertible devices. However, Atom will continue to exist in standalone tablets. “When Intel speaks to customers internally about micro-architectures, Atom is out, Silvermont is in,” the world’s largest chip-maker told CNET.  According […]

Will We See a $200 Android Notebook with Intel Atom on Monday?


Intel is set to announce its next-generation Atom processor, code named Bay Trail and based on the Silvermont architecture, come this Monday at its Santa Clara, California headquarters. The news may open up the tablet and computing market to new devices with a price tag as low as $200. Citing the usual sources familiar with […]

Intel Atom CPU Edges Early Victory Over Samsung Galaxy S4 in Benchmarks


In an early benchmark test, the Lenovo IdeaPhone K900 is boasting an early victory over the highly coveted Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphoone, with the former using a dual-core Intel Atom Clover Trail+ processor and the latter powered by an ARM CPU. It’s unclear if the Galaxy S4 being tested is one that’s using Samsung’s Exynos […]

Intel Reveals Next-Generation Quad-Core Atom Processor


Today at CES 2013, Intel announced that it is bringing a new quad-core Atom processor codenamed “Bay Trail” to future Windows 8 tablets and convertibles. The new quad-core 22nm Atom processor is smaller and more powerful than the current Atom chips companies like Lenovo use in their Windows 8 Pro tablets. Manufacturers can create tablets […]

Intel Announces New Lexington Processor for Emerging Markets


At CES 2013 today, Intel announced a new low-power Atom processor Z2420, previously dubbed “Lexington” that brings high-powered performance to emerging and value markets and will be backed by companies like Acer, Safaricom and Lava. The Lexington processor is Intel’s new Atom chip that the company will be putting into value smartphones in markets around […]

Intel Promises Medfield Atom Android Tablet in 2012, Reveals Some Details


At the booth on the show floor of the IDF 2011 conference, I had spoken to several Intel representatives about the company’s efforts to break into the Android market. Intel reps had revealed a couple interesting tidbits about the chip-maker’s relationship with Google, its efforts with Honeycomb and smartphones, and plans for Medfield Atom-based Android […]

IDF: Intel Keeps Atom-Powered Samsung Windows 8 Tab Behind Glass


Intel had used its IDF conference in San Francisco, which was held at the same time as Microsoft’s Build conference in Southern California, to show off to attendees the potential of Intel hardware. In Southern California, Microsoft had given attendees at Build a taste of what Windows 8 would look and feel like utilizing the […]

Can Asus Price the MeeGo Smartbook to Kill off Chromebooks?


While Samsung and Acer have both signed on as early OEM partners with Google to deliver the Chromebook, a netbook running Chrome OS, at Google I/O, Asus is taking on the lightweight computing category with its own smartbook running the MeeGo operating system. The slim MeeGo smartbook hardware was shown off at the Computex trade […]

Acer to Introduce New Intel-Powered Android Honeycomb Tablet at Computex?


While Asus is teasing its own phone-pad hybrid, rival Acer may be releasing an Intel Atom-based tablet running the Android Honeycomb platform at Computex next week. The tablet would bear a 10-inch form factor and would utilize Intel’s Oak Trail chips, which is based on the Atom processor line. Acer would be among the first […]

Fujitsu Aims to Meld Symbian and Windows 7 Together in Japan


In a mobile handset that is speculated to be destined for Japanese carrier DoCoMo, Fujitsu is said to be placing the desktop-class Windows 7 OS along with Symbian on a dual-booting Fujitsu Loox smartphone.  The former Windows Mobile licensee of Microsoft’s mobile OS will be attempting to bring Windows 7 and Symbian together on an […]

WeTab Looks Like a Winner (video demos)


Earlier today I mentioned that the WeTab (formerly known as the WePad) is getting a lot of attention here at IDF 2010. I got a chance to catch up with 4tiitoo CTO Stephan Odoerfer, who gave me a full walkthrough of the device. To put it simply: I want one. At first glance the WePad looks […]

IDF 2010: OpenPeak OpenTablet 7 on Video

Screen shot 2010-09-13 at 11.07.07 PM

The OpenPeak OpenTablet 7 will become consumer’s ‘4th screen’ if AT&T and other OpenPeak partners have their ways. The seven-inch device looks promising and I can definitely see it going mainstream once AT&T and other providers throw some marketing muscle behind it. Avram Piltch of Laptop Mag and I found the OpenTablet 7 on display […]

For now, PC vendors reaching for ARM over Intel Atom


A report from Digitimes notes that, despite aggressive promotion from Intel, PC vendors aren’t going to sit on their hands waiting for Intel’s Oak Trail system to arrive. At least until then, they’ll be focusing on ARM and Android. Availability of ARM CPUs, lack of availability of the more efficient Oak Trail platform for Intel […]

Intel ports Android to Atom for smartphones


News out of PC World, via a variety of sources, is that Intel has ported the Android OS to their Atom CPUs intended to run in smartphones. This brings them a step closer to getting Intel Atom processors ready for the handheld market and challenging the ARM-only market.

CES 2010: Intel Atom ready for smartphones?


Intel showed off a couple of smartphones running the next-gen Intel Atom processor, a.k.a. Moorestown, at their keynote. The first was a reference design from Aava that rocked multi-point video conferencing, showing two other callers on its screen. Looked great. Closer to release, later this year if it stays on track, is the phone from […]

Sony VAIO X Weighs in at 1.6 Pounds, Super Skinny


Sony officially introduced the VAIO X this morning. The 11.1-inch notebook weighs in at 1.6 pounds and measures about a half-inch thick. Sony managed to make the VAIO X so light by building its chassis out of carbon fiber and using other lightweight components. The VAIO X has a mixed bag of components might not […]

Pictures and Specs of OQO’s Model 2+


I just did an interview with OQO‘s Bob Rosin and am uploading the video now. Stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, keep reading for more on the new OQO Model 2+ = pics, specs, and pricing. Can you say $999 and super crisp / sharp? Keep reading .