Nokia to Release Maemo 6 Device Before Attempting MeeGo


It looks like the tablet designs that Nokia had patented back in 2010 could be for a Maemo 6 device that straddles the space between smartphone–like the Nokia N8–and tablet. It’s unclear how Maemo 6 will shape up to be or what form factor the OS will appear on, but it’s interesting to hear Nokia […]

Noon Notebook News: WebOS on HP Notebooks, Chrome Extensions & More

cloud save chrome extension

If you’re looking to keep up on Notebook news, then here’s your mid-day recap of notebook, netbook and software news from We have a collection of new netbooks arriving on the market soon with the latest Intel and AMD Fusion processors. First off we are expecting at least five new Intel Atom N570 dual […]

GDC 2011: Razer Switchblade Video Demo


We were at Intel’s booth at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California where we had noticed a small, portable gaming device from Razer called the Switchblade. According to the company, the Switchblade right now is still an early prototype or concept device, and Razer wouldn’t disclose any formal specs on this diminutive gaming PC other […]

Understanding “Post-PC”


Following Steve Jobs’ announcement that we are in a “post-PC” era, a lot of people have fallen over themselves to explain what that means. Unfortunately most of them never bothered to figure out what “post-PC” means, so I thought I’d supply you with an explanation that references previous discussions on the topic.

HTC Thunderbolt vs Intel Thunderbolt: The Tale of Two Thunderbolts


The HTC Thunderbolt was announced during a Verizon press conference at CES 2011 way back on January 8th. No firm HTC Thunderbolt release date has been mentioned by Verizon or HTC, even though Best Buy began taking reservations on February 6. The latest word is that the HTC Thunderbolt will be released on March 4…or […]

Can Intel Save MeeGo? Search for New MeeGo Partners Under Way


Now that Nokia has signed up with Microsoft to utilize the Windows Phone 7 operating system, Intel is still pushing ahead with the MeeGo operating system. According to the latest report from Reuters, Intel is blaming the decision for Nokia to shy away from its joint MeeGo collaboration due to financial incentives being offered by […]

AMD’s Geeky Valentine’s Day Card

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My wife wasn’t too concerned when I received a Valentine’s Day card from another girl yesterday. In fact we both laughed about it and we both applauded AMD for a creative PR stunt. AMD launched its power sipping APU at CES 2011 and I really liked them. The APU earned’s Best Innovation Award at […]

MeeGo UX for tablets demoed

Undeterred by a week of bad news, Intel is demonstrating the tablet user experience for MeeGo at Mobile World Congress. Our friends at Netbook News have an excellent video of a demo unit in which they ask some very important questions.

Sucks to be Intel this week


Look up the word “loser” on the Internet this week and you might hear the Intel chime in the background. Or at least that’s the impression I got after reading reaction to this week’s big tech announcements.

MacBook Air Getting Second-Gen Intel Core CPU in June?


It looks like Apple may refresh the ultra-portable MacBook Air notebook–available currently in 11- and 13-inch screen sizes–to accommodate Intel’s second-generation Core processor, known as Sandy Bridge according to the latest Internet reports. Our own Josh Smith had written over at that the move will deliver for Apple and to consumers better graphics performance: […]

Did Intel Flash a Medfield-Powered MeeGo Smartphone Prototype on Stage?


It looks like chip-maker Intel may have flashed a smartphone prototype sporting the company’s forthcoming Medfield mobile processor chipset on stage at a company sales conference last week. The prototype hardware may even be running the MeeGo operating system, which is jointly developed by Intel and Nokia as the two fight the smartphone war against […]

Is This the MeeGo-Powered Nokia Tablet Phone?


With rumors that Nokia will be announcing its first MeeGo-powered smartphone, which has been referred to as the Nokia N9 on the Internet so far, at Mobile World Congress, we are now glimpsing an image of what is believed to be Nokia’s 4.5-inch tablet/smartphone hybrid. Previous leaks of the device shows a form factor similar […]

Evolve III Maestro Slate Triple Boots Android, MeeGo, Windows 7


Having a hard time post-CES deciding whether you want a consumer-oriented tablet that runs Windows 7 on an Intel Atom-based CPU or an Linux-based Android tablet? With the Evolve III Maestro tablet, hopefully you’ll no longer have to decide as the slate is able to boot into Windows 7, Android, or the MeeGo operating system, […]

Samsung Slider 7 Offers Alternative Netvertible Form Factor (Video)


Samsung was really cautious about calling its Slider 7 a PC, netbook, or even tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show where the company had a huge presence. The device offers a sliding and tilting screen–an industrial design that HTC had helped to pioneer with its dual-boot Windows HTC Shift tablet–and with internal netbook components–such as […]

Microsoft Officially Announces Windows on a Chip for Intel, AMD, ARM


Well, whadda ya know. Microsoft has just dropped a press release officially announcing that the next version of Windows will support System on a Chip (SoC) architecture including ARM-based systems from NVidia, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments. This will all get highlighted in tonight’s keynote speech, and the press release indicates that we will see a […]

Lenovo IdeaPad S100 Netbook Gets Hands-On Treatment (Video)

DSC01734 was able to get some hands-on time with the latest S100 notebook from Lenovo, and they came away impressed with the product. As a successor to the Lenovo S10-3, the S100 comes with a retail price point starting at $329 and comes with color configurations. Lenovo has extended the lid color now to the […]

Motion CL900 Brings Rugged Design to Windows 7 Tablet (Video)


The Motion CL900 is a Windows 7 tablet with a rugged design that’s powered by an Intel Atom Oak Trail CPU clocked at 1.5 GHz. The tablet can be configured with either a Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Home Premium OS. It’s rubberized aluminum-alloy internal frame offers rugged durability while meeting military specs for […]

Intel targets tablets with tiny 310 Series SSDs


In a press release yesterday, Intel announced their new 310 Series of Solid-State Drives (SSD), which they claim offer all the performance of their X-25 drives but in 1/8th the size. They’re promoting them as performance boosters for dual-drive notebooks, ideal storage drives for tablets, and unshakable data bunkers in rugged computers.