Bloomberg Goes Behind the Scenes in the Apple vs Google Wars

Blind Justice_md

I guess one could call the legal and business wrangling that is going on between the big mobile players entertaining. At times it certainly appears so. Apple, Google, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Microsoft, you name it, we hear about different players all the time, and I think it could be argued that those of us who […]

Biography Reveals Steve Jobs Declared Thermonuclear War Against Android


Steve Jobs’ biography titled ‘Steve Jobs’ by Walter Isaacson, coming Monday, reveals the late Apple executive’s disdain and utter hatred for rival Google’s Android operating system. At one point, Jobs says that he is declaring thermonuclear war against Android. When the iPhone came out in mid-2007 with what was then the iPhone OS, it joined […]

The Patent Wars Continue, Sadly


While it may be easy to take sides, it is tough to completely blame the combatants in the patent wars. All sides recognize we have a lousy system that leads to the kind of expensive legal wrangling we now see going on. Certainly, if a company has intellectual property that it needs to protect there […]

Is Microsoft Using Nokia to Fight Apple in Mobile?


Nokia iscontinuing its legal battle with Apple as the Finnish phone-maker has filed another patent dispute against the iPhone-maker over intellectual property. On the consumer-facing fronts, companies may appear to best each other on features, experiences, interfaces, number of apps, and developer support for their respective mobile platforms, but behind the scenes there is a […]