iPhone 4S Users Consuming Twice as Much Data as iPhone 4 Users


With each successive generation of iPhone hardware and iOS software, Apple mobile users are finding it increasingly easier to consume more data. Thanks in part not just to the availability of digital content ranging from apps, ebooks, digital magazines and newspapers, audiobooks, podcasts, videos, TV shows, movies, and more, the upgrades that carriers like AT&T […]

Verizon Showing Transparency Regarding 4G LTE Network Outages


Set back by a number of recent 4G LTE outages that is marring Verizon Wireless’ reputation as ‘America’s Most Reliable Network’–per the company’s previous marketing campaigns surrounding its 3G network–the carrier has finally gone on record to explain what is happening, what it is doing to prevent the problems in the future, and what it’s […]

Early 4G LTE Speed Tests for Verizon, AT&T Offer Mixed Results


Confirming our earlier San Francisco, California speed tests for Verizon’s launched 4G LTE network against AT&T’s un-announced soft-launched LTE network in the city’s downtown shopping center, it appears that AT&T’s LTE speeds are edging out Verizon’s speeds. The result, even in its early stages, is quite impressive as we–and perhaps the rest of the geek […]

Outages: Is Verizon 4G Starting to Look Like BlackBerry


Verizon’s 4G LTE network is awesome when it works, yielding fast uploads and even faster download speeds. However, since the network launched, there have been periods of small intermittent outages at night and a few instances of longer outages that last for hours. Whatever the cause(s) of these outages, Verizon Wireless has in the past […]

Unlocked U.S. iPhone Owners Can Now Tap 3G On T-Mobile USA


In the past, GSM owners of the iPhone could either choose to stick with AT&T for 3G HSPA coverage, or opt to unlock their devices through whatever means and use it on T-Mobile’s more economical plans in the U.S. on 2G EDGE service. Now, the nation’s fourth largest carrier is making the choice a little […]

Sprint Brings Mobile Hotspot Capabilities to Latest BlackBerry OS 7 Devices


U.S. wireless carrier Sprint is updating its latest BlackBerry Bold 9930 and BlackBerry Torch 9850 smartphones to BlackBerry OS 7.1, which brings mobile hotspot capabilities to these new BlackBerry devices on Sprint’s 3G Now Network. Mobile hotspot capabilities would allow these BlackBerry phones to share their 3G mobile broadband connections over WiFi to other WiFi-capable […]

MetroRadio: Unofficial Pandora App Released for Windows Phone


Those on Windows Phone now have another app to look forward to. While Pandora itself isn’t officially available on Microsoft’s growing platform, a third-party developer had stepped in to fill the void for those who want free streaming radio with personalized listening in the form of MetroRadio, which taps Pandora’s streaming service. According to Marketplace […]

Verizon: Family Data Plans Coming in 2012

verizon logo

Though Verizon Wireless executives have hinted about family data plans, or shared data plans, in the past, CEO Lowell McAdam has finally gone on record to give the initiative a launch timeline sometime in 2012. Under family data plans, users with multiple data-hungry devices–including tablets, embedded computers and notebooks, netbooks, USB modems, MiFi and mobile […]

Sprint Overhauls Network to Accommodate iPhone Traffic


Since netting the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S on its network, Sprint customers have complained that the iPhone runs slower on the Now Network than Verizon’s, which operates a similar CDMA/EV-DO 3G network, and AT&T’s, which runs a GSM/HSPA+ 3G/4G network. The good news is that Sprint is listening to vocal customers and the carrier […]

Sprint Launches New Data Plans for Tablets, Mobile Hotspots, Netbooks


While Sprint is still pushing on for unlimited data plans on phones and smartphones, the Now Network has unveiled lower pricing and more tiers to bring mobile broadband data within the reach of consumers who are eyeing tablets, netbooks, notebooks, and mobile hotspot routers with embedded 3G/4G chips on the carrier’s network. Sprint claims that […]

How to Enable Private Browsing in Safari on iOS 5

iOS 5

One of the lesser talked about features that Apple included in its iOS 5 update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch was the ability to turn on private browsing in the Safari browser. And because it hasn’t been talked about extensively, it’s possible that many of you either haven’t heard of it or have […]

Internet Connection Down? Some Tips for Dealing With It


Today begins day three without my once trusty and dependable Charter Internet connection. When online, it’s fast, considering we live in a rural setting. Monday the sync light starting blinking at me, taunting me. A blinking sync light means your modem can’t get a connection to the service provider. What To Do If Internet Goes […]

Dish Network Wants to Create 4G LTE Network


Satellite TV provider Dish Network wants to build a mobile broadband 4G LTE network with its existing spectrum, which when it had acquired was earmarked for satellite services. Dish Network wants to better compete with phone and cable companies that are now offering high speed Internet, paid TV offerings, and phone into a package. The […]

T-Mobile’s Lowest Tiered Data Plan Gets Metered for Overage Charges


Think you can escape the tiered, metered data plans from big carriers AT&T and Verizon Wireless? Think again as T-Mobile USA, the nation’s number four wireless carrier, will switch its lowest data offering from a tiered, but throttled unlimited offering, to a tiered and metered data plan with overages. The new plan pricing would go […]

Verizon Joining AT&T in Thwarting Illegal Tethering


After AT&T had announced that it would be sending out notices to iPhone owners and taking action against those who are now illegally tethering without an approved plan–in the interest of fairness, as the carrier claims–it appears that long-time rival carrier Verizon Wireless will also be doing the same and joining AT&T on its quest […]

Optical Drive Becomes Latest Casualty in Quest for the Cloud

The new faster, MacBook Air. The ultimate everyday notebook. Now up to 2.5x faster, featuring highspeed Thunderbolt IO and OS X Lion

The ‘cloud’ is becoming a big feature of our digital lives today–anywhere from the most recently launched Spotify for cloud-based streaming music to cloud-streamed videos like those on Netflix and Hulu. All of this is driven by the increasing access and availability to the Internet and broadband, either through mobile like on 3G and 4G […]

The Web vs Apps


In the board rooms and staff offices of many a publishing concern there is an ongoing debate here in the Age of the Tablet. Should we create an App, or can we just rely on the web to disseminate, and hopefully monetize content? It is a worthwhile debate to have because, as we all know, […]