Did the Internet Decade Ruin Everything?


Here we go. We’re nearing the end of 2009 and of course that means we’re nearing the end of the first decade of the new century and the new millennium. (That doesn’t mean we won’t be celebrating it next year as well, as this gives everybody two chances to celebrate the end of a decade.) […]

Maybe the Internet IS Broken

It seems I may owe a partial apology to the doomsayers who claimed the Internet “died” the other week. No, you still were blatantly wrong as evidenced by the web’s rapid rebound after its “demise,” but the idea that the Internet is broken may not be entirely wrong. At least that’s the claim being made […]

Did the Cloud Crack?

Unless you go out of your way to avoid current events, you know about the turmoil in Iran and the passing of  the world’s biggest pop music  icon. And if you follow computer tech news, you’ve noticed a lot of chatter on how these events are impacting the Internet, showing us either the strength or […]

Vote 2008: The Candidates View of Technology and Internet


While we try not to be too political here at GBM, there are two issues important to us and our readers: technology & the Internet.   We’ve taken a look at McCain, Obama, and Nader’s views of these issues and the role they will play in their presidency.   Although you may be sick of […]