iCade 8 Bitty Bluetooth iPhone and Android Controller Now Available

iCade 8 Bitty

The new iCade 8 Bitty Bluetooth controller from Ion is now available for iPhone, iPad and Android gamers who want a retro gaming experience on their modern devices. The iCade 8 Bitty is a small rectangular controller that looks like an NES controller with its hard lines that may or may not be comfortable to […]

iCade Mobile iPhone Gamepad Now Shipping for $80

iCade Mobile

Ion’s iCade Mobile that we first saw, and gave an award to, at CES 2012 is now available for purchase for $80. According to TechCrunch, the iCade Mobile is shipping along with the iCade Core, a new arcade-style unit for the iPad. The iCade Mobile attaches to the iPhone, and adds a d-pad, four face buttons, and […]

AT&T Sony XPERIA Ion 4G LTE Android Smartphone Hands-On (Video)


At CES 2012, we got to spend some time with Sony and check out the Sony XPERIA Ion smartphone, which is destined for AT&T’s 4G LTE network. While the phone is 4G compatible, it could also be used on GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+ networks as well where LTE isn’t yet available on AT&T. The device retains Sony Ericsson’s […]

Sony Ericsson Reserves Ion Trademark for Nozomi Phone?


Android-maker Sony Ericsson has filed for the XPERIA Ion trademark for what is speculated to be a variant of the company’s codenamed Nozomi smartphone, which boasts high-end specs. The LT28at model is believed to be a variant of the rumored Nozomi phone with a 4.55-inch display with a 1280 X 720-pixel 720p HD resolution screen. The […]

Adobe Flash Player 10.1: Smooth HD Flash Video Coming to Netbooks

Adobe introduced Flash Player 10.1 at the company’s worldwide developer conference today.  Netbooks equipped with NVIDIA ION, such as the Mini 311 and IdeaPad S12, will be able to playback HD Flash content with ease once Flash 10.1 becomes available later this year. Netbooks rely on the CPU for flash video playback with the current […]

NVIDIA Charges Up ION-Powered Products Too

Funtwist, an ION-powered desktop

Tegra may be NVIDIA’s hot product of ultra-mobiles and portables, but it’s not their only mobile computing offering at Computex. They’re showcasing a number of ION-based products, including several notebooks. Also, the desktops they’re highlighting include machines from well-known netbook vendors Asus, Acer, and MSI, so you can assume they must be looking at offering […]

Lenovo IdeaPad S12: First Notebook w/NVIDIA ION


Lenovo’s officially introduced the first notebook to feature NVIDIA ION graphics. This new graphics platform offers outstanding graphics performance without sacrificing too much battery life. The IdeaPad S12 will be available in the U.S. soon for $449. I got a chance to play with a pre-production IdeaPad S12 and shot a quick video. The IdeaPad […]

NVidia CEO Talks Netbooks


Mark Spoonauer of Laptop Mag.com sat down with NVidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang for a fairly lengthy interview regarding Netbooks and NVidia’s ION GPU. Within the context of who we are talking to here, (obviousy NVidia is pushing its own platform) there is still some very interesting information coming out of the interview. Here are some […]

NVidia, ION, and Netbooks: High Def Coming Your Way


Xavier over at Notebooks.com has a nifty video posted that shows a comparison between two Netbooks. One is running the standard Atom chipset and the other has NVidia’s ION grpahics platform running along side the Atom chipset.   According to the rep in the video, NVidia is expecting a $50 price bump for Netbooks with […]

NVidia and Netbooks: Getting Into the Game


We’ve known that NVidia has had its eye on Netbooks and now we’ve got news that they are releasing the Ion platform to compete in the space. The Ion platform is a combination of GeForce 9400 and the Intel Atom that is touted as delivering a more powerful graphics solution on Netbooks, replacing Intel’s GMA […]