iOS 5 Manuals Now Available

Apple - Support - Manuals

We have always lived in a world of “we don’t need no stinking manuals.” But  every now and then it is nice to have a reference to fall back on, even when it may not give you all you need to know. iOS 5 manuals for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad are now […]

Man Uses Find My Friends to Catch Wife Cheating

Troubled couple

You knew it was going to happen. And you knew it was going to happen sooner rather than later. There was going to be some sort of privacy, snooping issue with Apple’s Find My Friends App. Well, a guy bought his wife an iPhone 4S, loaded up Find my Friends and caught her on the […]

Quick Photo Comparison between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Cameras


One of the distinguishing factors between the new iPhone 4S and its predecessor the iPhone is the camera. Apple has upped the megapixels to 8 from 5 and also continued to do work on the optics for the camera, which was already an excellent smartphone camera in the model 4. The camera in the iPhone […]

iPhone 4S: Siri’s Surprising and Funny Answers

siri-iphone-4s- 15

Siri can tell you a lot more than where the closest café is or what the weather will be like tomorrow. Ask the voice-activated artificial intelligence baked into the iPhone 4S a challenging or personal question and its answer may surprise you. Siri doesn’t think much about the competition and while it might like iPhone users, it […]

iPhone 4S Review

iPhone 4S hardware and design

Apple’s new iPhone 4S looks a lot like the iPhone 4 it’s replacing, but you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. Looking beyond the first glance there are several changes that put it miles ahead of older iPhones and will tempt iPhone 4 owners to upgrade. Apple is counting on a fusion of hardware […]

Siri is the Beginning of a Revolution

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As my colleague Steve Przybylski reminds me Margaret Atwood once said something isn’t science fiction any longer once it is actually here. I won’t say that Apple’s acquisition of Siri, and putting Siri’s technology front and center in iOS5 for the iPhone 4S means that we’re there yet, but in my brief experience the seeds […]

Get iOS 5 and iCloud Features On Your Android Phone and Tablet


Yesterday was the big day for Apple device owners as the iOS 5 update hit. Though the upgrade didn’t go smoothly for everyone, many are enjoying their updated iPhones and iPads right this second. Android owners are looking at the lack of Ice Cream Sandwich in their lives and thinking: “Where’s Mine?” Even if you […]

iOS 5 on iPhone 3GS: First Impressions and Performance

iOS 5 for iPhone 3GS

Yesterday’s upgrade to iOS 5 on my iPhone 3GS was a rough experience for me but not for the reason that I was expecting. I went into it thinking that because I had a two year old iPhone model, I would have all sorts of issues with an operating system that Apple promised would be […]

How to Recover Lost Apps After iOS 5 Upgrade

iOS 5 lost apps recover

If you upgraded to iOS 5 and lost all of your apps in the process, don’t panic just yet. After a day off issues included trouble downloading, the dreaded error 3200 and issues verifying iOS 5 installs, you might have been so excited to see that you had iOS 5 ready to go that skipped […]

iOS 5: How to Setup iCloud’s Photo Stream on Mac


Once you update your mac to OS X Lion 10.7.2 and iOS 5, you get iCloud and Photo Stream. With Photo Stream in iCloud transferring your pictures to your computer got a lot easier, something you will likely want to do with the nice new 8MP camera on the iPhone 4S. I use it with […]

Should I Upgrade to iOS 5 Today?

iOS 5 new level

Well, the iOS 5 release date turned out to be a big letdown for many users. Here at GottaBeMobile it was a day full of frustration and headaches, and we weren’t alone. The good news is that after a day full of Error 3200, and other Error 3000 messages interrupting iOS 5 upgrades across the world, […]

How to Tweet With Siri on the iPhone 4S

Siri Text Messsage

When you pick up your new iPhone 4S, Siri will be one of the coolest features, but right out of the box, you can’t tweet with Siri. Siri is still in beta and doesn’t connect up to all of iOS 5 yet, let alone third party apps like Twitter or Tweetdeck. You don’t have to wait for Siri to […]

iOS 5: How to Use Wi-Fi Sync with iTunes

iTunes Wi-Fi sync settings

For those using the new iTunes 10.5 and running iOS 5 on their iPad or iPhone, you can pull off one of the most requested new features – syncing your device without tethering to a computer. Wi-Fi sync will keep your device backed up over your home or office Wi-Fi network. First, a few requirements. […]

Siri the Conversationalist


I still haven’t downloaded iOS5 for any of my devices as of the moment. But I’ve been doing plenty of reading about it. As I’ve said before I’m very interested in how Siri works and how well it works and of course I’ll have to wait for an iPhone 4S to check that out. Well, […]

How To Get iCloud’s Photo Stream Working On A Windows PC

iCloud Control Panel Download Page

Now that you’ve downloaded iOS 5 to your iPad (well, hopefully…) you can sign up for an iCloud account and start syncing and backing up your data across devices. This includes Photo Stream, which automatically saves all the pictures you take on your iPad or iPhone to the cloud and to synced devices. Though iCloud […]

Getting Error 3200 When Upgrading to iOS 5? You’re Not Alone

iOS 5

Just a short time ago, I told you about the issues I was having with upgrading my iPhone 3GS and my iPad 2 to the latest piece of Apple software, iOS 5. I kept trying and each time, I was greeted with an error called ‘Error 3200′. At first, I figured that it had to […]

Poll: Has Your iOS 5 Upgrade Gone Smoothly?


Today was supposed to be a fantastic day for those with an iPhone, an iPad or an iPad touch. And that’s because today is iOS 5 launch day, a day that many of you have been waiting for since WWDC 2011 or longer. Myself included. Unfortunately, the upgrade process has been anything but smooth for […]

How to Sync Your iPhone with a New Mac or PC

iPhone to new computer

Depending how long it has been since you synced your iPhone, you might need to sync up to a new computer to get the new iOS 5 software update. If you have your old computer, the process is a bit easier because you can transfer your music files over with an external hard drive. If […]