3 Reasons to Pre-Order Your iPhone 4S Tonight


With a multi-country international roll-out of the flagship iPhone 4S starting just after midnight Pacific Time, you’re probably wondering if you should pre-order the device, wait til launch date, or where to get the device from, whether it’s your carrier (AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon), and we’ve got you covered with the best place(s) to get […]

iPhone 4S vs Galaxy Nexus: Features, Carriers, Software

iPhone 4S vs Galaxy Nexus: Features, Carriers, Software

Apple went ahead and announced its long awaited next-generation iPhone on Tuesday, a device that’s called the iPhone 4S. It features a number of improvements including a faster processor, a better camera and a new antenna. In addition, it’s also going to be powered by iOS 5 which will be arriving with hundreds of new […]

iPhone 4, iPhone 4S Pages Now Live on Sprint, Pre-Orders Coming Soon


Up until now, Sprint has deferred any inquiries or questions about the iPhone announcement and the hardware to Apple where users will be greeted with general information for the iPhone 4S for Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. Now, the nation’s number three largest carrier and the third carrier in the U.S. to offer the iPhone on […]

What is Siri?

What is Siri What can Siri Do

Apple’s latest iPhone feature is Siri. What is Siri, you ask? Funny you ask that way. Siri is a new app that will be included with the iPhone 4S. This app is a new way to control your phone with your voice. Instead of just dictating a message to your phone, you can ask your […]

Don’t Want Newsstand? Too bad

Newsstand app

When you load up iOS 5 on your iPhone or iPhone 4S on October 12th, you’ll be welcomed with a new icon on your home screen for Newstand. Newsstand is a new feature in iOS 5 that collects all of your magazine and newspaper subscriptions, and puts them on a magazine rack on your home […]

How to Check Your Upgrade Eligibility for iPhone 4S

Check Upgrade Eligibility

If you want to know when you are able to purchase the new iPhone 4S for the affordable $199 starting price with a two year contract. The iPhone 4S is a new iPhone from Apple that looks similar to the iPhone 4, but has many updated internals that include a faster processor and better camera. […]

Siri, Can I Use a Different Voice?

Siri Logo

As soon as Apple announced the Siri assistant app for the iPhone 4S, the first question many users wanted to ask is, “Can I change the voice of Siri?” The new Siri assistant app is a virtual personal assistant that can do things you ask, by talking to it like you would a person. Siri talks back […]

Apple Banks on Camera, Siri and iOS 5 to Sell the iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Camera

Apple has started telling employees how to sell the iPhone 4S to potential buyers, and without a sleek new look Apple is counting on the new camera, Siri assistant and iOS 5 to move the new phone. Apple updated the iPhone 4S with new dual core A5 processor with up to 2x faster performance and […]

iPhone 4S Camera Sample Photos Are Impressive

iPhone 4S Camera

The iPhone 4S features a better camera than the one found in the iPhone 4. Apple’s released several sample photos shot with the iPhone 4S and they look fantastic compared to those shot with the iPhone 4. Smartphone cameras are typically mediocre, with even budget point and shoot cameras besting them in terms of image […]

Apple’s iPhone Event Keynote Presentation Now Available Online

Missed Apple’s keynote this morning? Want to evaluate Tim Cook‘s presentation skills against fame presenter Steve Jobs? Well, you can watch the iPhone announcement in its entirety online either through Apple’s website, which will require Quicktime to be installed for streaming, or you can download the video for later viewing through iTunes.  After you’ve watched […]

Are You Buying the iPhone 4S?

iPhone 4S

Apple put months of rumors to an end today when it unveiled the new iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S doesn’t look different from the iPhone 4, but when you use the device, you’ll notice there are many differences between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. While there was no iPhone 5, it appears that many […]

Can the Samsung Nexus Prime Compete with the iPhone 4S?

iPhone 4 S Nexus

As it stands, we sit about a week out from Samsung and Google’s event at CTIA San Diego where the companies will presumably announce the next version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, and a new Nexus device made by Samsung, a device that might be called the Samsung Nexus Prime. Details at this point are […]

Want Apple’s Siri? Better Get an iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Siri

Siri was one of the highlights from the iPhone 4S event today. Siri is a key feature that allows iPhone users to quickly access information and dictate text by simply speaking into the microphone. It’s baked into iOS 5, but apparently you’ll only be able to run Siri on the new iPhone 4S. iPhone 4 […]

iPhone 4S Now Listed on Apple’s Website

iPhone 4S

While the Apple announcement was taking place, the company’s website was devoid of anything mentioning the latest and greatest iPhone, the iPhone 4S. Well, now that the smoke has settled, the iPhone 4S has made its triumphant first official appearance on Apple’s website in a showcase that offers up an in-depth preview of the device […]

AirPlay a Big Boost for Teachers, Business People, and Gamers


One of the features I was most looking forward to with iOS 5 and the new iPhone 4S was the AirPlay feature. The announcement at Apple’s press event today in Cupertino doesn’t include anything really that new or earth shattering. As we learned earlier, AirPlay now lets you mirror the display of your iOS device […]

Apple Announces Siri Assistant for iPhone 4S

Siri Assistant

The much talked about voice control Assistant from Siri is very real and Apple has announced it today. The Siri voice control is brought up in the same way as the original iPhone voice control. You hold down the home button and it brings up Siri which will listen in on things that you might […]

iTunes Match Coming End of October

Image from Apple event courtesy of The Verge

Apple at its iPhone event today has announced that its iTunes cloud music matching service, dubbed iTunes Match, will be coming at the end of October for an optional annual subscription price of $24.99. Essentially, iTunes Match will scan your iTunes library and automatically re-create your music library in the cloud, negating the need for […]

iOS 5 Release Date Confirmed to Be October 12th

iOS 5

Apple has confirmed that its latest and greatest piece of mobile software, iOS 5, will start rolling out to current iDevice users, of certain varieties, on October 12th. That’s right, we finally have a concrete release date for iOS 5, months after Apple announced the software at WWDC 2011. (Read: 5 Things to do Before You […]

Cards iPhone App Lets You Send Christmas Cards From iPhone

Cards iOS 5 app

Apple announced a new app today for the iPhone and iPad. Cards is an Apple made app that will allow you to create a real card that is mailed to your friends and family right from your phone. Cards will be available on October 12th, which is likely the iOS 5 Release date. The Cards app uses […]

iPhone 4S Appears on Apple’s Website, Release Date Confirmed?


Just ahead of Apple’s “talk iPhone” event at its Cupertino headquarters, MacRumors is reporting that a device called the iPhone 4S has shown up in an official capacity on Apple’s Japanese website flaunting an iPhone 4 style device and seemingly confirming that October 14th launch date that we have heard about several times in the […]