Apple Debuts Alternative Maps Section in App Store


On the heels of Tim Cook’s apology to iPhone and iPad owners about the condition of Apple’s new Maps application, Apple has launched a new alternative “Map Apps” section in the App Store where iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners can find Maps alternatives to Apple’s native application. Earlier today, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook commented […]

Street View Coming to Google Maps in iPhone Browser Soon


In two weeks, it looks like iPhone and iPad owners will have access to Street View in Google Maps only it won’t be through a standalone app but rather it will be available through Google’s web-based Google Maps. According to The New York Times, courtesy of iDownloadBlog, Google will implement Street View into the web-based […]

Google Maps for iPhone in the Works for Late 2012


Google is apparently working on Google Maps for the iPhone and iPad though neither application is expected to be finished soon. According to The New York Times, Google has begun to work on standalone Google Maps app for both the iPhone and iPad. Evidently, Google is aiming toward finishing the application by the end of […]

How to Report Issues with iOS 6 Maps


One of the biggest complaints iOS 6 users have had so far with Apple’s new operating system is the new Maps application which replaced Google Maps as the new native maps application for iOS powered devices. The software is far from perfect but fortunately, there is a way that iOS users can help Apple improve […]

Google Maps for iPhone Isn’t in the Works


Those looking for relief from Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps application shouldn’t be waiting for a Google Maps application to arrive in the App Store at any point in the near future as Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, says that they don’t have an application ready to go. According to Reuters, Schmidt made it clear […]

Garmin Adds Google Street View To iOS Apps

Garmin iOS app

The biggest complaint with iOS 6 is the lack of Google Maps and the features and data it once provided. In an attempt to fill one of those holes Garmin added a few new features to its iPhone navigation apps. According to 9To5Mac today Garmin added one of the biggest features of Google Maps to […]

Motorola Trashes iOS 6 Maps in New Ad


In a new ad for its Motorola Droid RAZR M, Motorola trashes Apple’s new iOS Maps application which has come under fire recently for its bugs and lack of information. The company posted the advertisement on its Google+ page and it shows an iPhone 5 running the iOS 6 Maps next to a Droid RAZR […]

How to Get Google Maps in iOS 6


In iOS 6, Apple’s new Maps application replaces Google Maps as the native maps app for iPhone, iPod and iPod touch. However, that doesn’t mean that Google Maps is inaccessible when using iOS 6. In fact, there is a way to use Google Maps with on devices running iOS 6 right now. Here, we show […]

iOS 6 Maps App Bugs Frustrate iPhone and iPad Users


One of the most ambitious features of iOS 6 is Apple’s new Maps application which replaced Google Maps as the native maps application on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch fourth-generation. And while there are some things to like about the new Maps app, it has become quite clear that Apple has some work to […]

Apple Shows Off iOS 6 Maps with Turn by Turn and 3D


At their Apple iPhone 5 event today, Scott Forstall showed off the new iOS 6 Maps app built into the new operating system that ships on the iPhone 5. It comes with some nice new features that bring iPhone maps up to speed with Android’s map and navigation apps. Apple announced most of the Maps […]

iOS 6 Maps: Two New Features Revealed


The new Maps application coming in iOS 6 will be full of new features including turn-by-turn navigation, 3D maps and more. Today though, iPhone and iPad owners can chalk up to new features coming with the app including a new zoom feature and an important tool for travelers. AppAdvice has discovered two new features that […]

GottaBeFunded: OpenPlans Transit App for iOS 6

OpenPlans Transit App for iOS 6

With the new Maps in iOS 6, Apple is relying on third-party apps for public transportation, and thankfully there’s an organization that wants to help fill the gap. OpenPlans is a nonprofit based in New York City that builds open-source apps for cities, and it wants to help iOS users with an open transit app. […]

iOS 6: iPhone Maps Recommend Swimming in the San Francisco Bay

Apple has a lot of work to do on its new iPhone Maps

At WWDC 2012, Apple announced its next piece of mobile software, iOS 6. And while the final version of the software won’t arrive until the fall of this year, likely alongside the iPhone 5, the company has released the iOS 6 beta to developers. Users who have access to iOS 6 beta also have access […]

iOS 6 Maps Confuses Oceans, Tells Users to Drive Off a Bridge

iOS 6 Maps Confuses Oceans, Tells Users to Drive Off Bridges

Apple announced iOS 6 this week at WWDC 2012 and one of its main features is a new Maps application. It is currently in beta form within iOS 6 beta and it has quickly become apparent that Apple has some work to do before it releases the application to the general public. Gizmodo has found […]

New iPhone 5 Details Emerge Detailing CPU, RAM, and iOS 6

iPhone 5 back cover white

The iPhone 5 is slowly beginning to take shape before Tim Cook has the chance to announce the device at an Apple event. New details shed some information on the CPU and RAM in the new device, as well as iOS 6. According to 9To5Mac, Apple is currently testing the iPhone 5 with a new […]