iPhone 5 Accessories Headed to T-Mobile


In the wake of rumors of an iPhone announcement from T-Mobile comes evidence that, at the very least, the first iPhone 5 accessories will be heading to T-Mobile at some point in the future. TMoNews has unearthed a shipment notification for T-Mobile that indicates that iPhone 5 accessories are on their way to T-Mobile retail […]

iPhone 5 Review: Two Months With the New iPhone

iPhone 5 Review

In September, Apple finally released the iPhone that I was waiting for since I picked up the iPhone 3GS over three years ago. For years, I toiled with the iPhone 3GS, waiting for Apple to not only increase the screen size of the iPhone but also to add 4G LTE data speeds. Both of those […]

Apple Maps Manager Told to Get Lost over iOS 6 Issues

Apple Maps iOS 6 Issues

Apple has fired Richard Williamson, the manager in charge of Apple Maps according to a Bloomberg report. According to the report Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue, who recently took control of Maps after Scott Forstall left the company, forced Williamson out of Apple. This leaves the Apple Maps application under new control now that the […]

Google Voice App Finally Updated for iPhone 5, iOS 6


On Monday, Google’s Google Voice app was finally updated delivering support for Apple’s elongated display on the iPhone 5 and with support for iOS 6. Though the app had been useful before, Google Voice ran in letterbox mode on the iPhone 5’s new 4-inch resolution with black bars appearing at the top and bottom. Now, […]

iOS 6 Native Google Maps App Inches Closer to Launch


With the launch of the iPhone 5 and the debut of the underlying iOS 6 operating system, Apple had abandoned its relationship with Google and removed the Google mapping service that powers the native iOS Maps app. Instead, Apple developed its own mapping solution, which has been met with criticism due to some inaccurate routing […]

Apple Begins Selling Passbook-Enabled Apple Store Gift Cards


Apple has begun selling new gift cards through the recently updated Apple Store iOS app that integrates the gift cards to the iOS 6 native Passbook service, that allows the cards to be quickly used and scanned from the iPhone or iPod Touch for redemption inside a physical Apple Store. The new Passbook-intgerated gift cards […]

iOS 6.1 Beta Reveals New iPhone Features


The iOS 6.1 beta, which arrived just short of a week ago, has been torn down and revealed to contain several new features that will be coming with Apple’s upcoming update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Gizmodo has torn down the update and found several new features within the update that will be […]

iOS 6.0.1 on iPhone 5: Final Impressions and Performance


Last week, Apple released its first update for the iOS 6 operating system it rolled out back in September in iOS 6.0.1. Without any hesitation at all, I decided to install the update in the hopes that it would shore up some of the minor issues I had been experiencing with iOS 6. On Thursday, […]

Google Maps for iPhone & iPad Faces Bumpy Road to Approval


The official Google Maps application for the iPhone and iPad that Google is rumored to be finishing by the end of the year may not get approval for the App Store from Apple according to a new report. The Guardian claims that sources within Google who know about the company’s plans for the Google Maps […]

iOS 6 Jailbreak Successful on iPad 4th Gen, iPad mini

iPad 4th gen jailbreak

There is already a successful iOS 6 jailbreak for the iPad 4th generation and the iPad mini, but like the iPhone 5 jailbreak it is not ready for a public release. Apple released the iPad mini and iPad 4th generation last Friday, and just a few days later hackers are able to jailbreak the latest Apple devices […]

Siri Will Help iPhone Owners Buy Movie Tickets When iOS 6.1 Gets Released


Though iOS 6.1 isn’t yet available for consumers to download, Apple has already seeded the forthcoming version of its mobile operating system to developers. And as such, developers have discovered there is a feature inside iOS 6 that allows consumers to tap Siri‘s voice assistant feature to purchase movie tickets, thus expanding the capabilities of […]

How to Get YouTube Back on the iPad mini


Today is iPad mini and iPad fourth-generation release day and that means there will be plenty of new iPad owners digging into their new tablet. One thing that new iPad owners will find is that in iOS 6, the operating system found stock on both the iPad mini and iPad fourth-generation, the native YouTube application […]

iPhone 5 Jailbreak: Wait to Update to iOS 6.0.1

Screen Shot 2012-11-01 at 4.53.53 PM

Today, Apple released iOS 6.0.1, it first update for its latest mobile operating system iOS 6 and in doing so, the company apparently patched up security holes used by hackers developing jailbreaks for the devices like the iPhone 5. That being said, until otherwise stated, it’s best that iPhone 5 owners, and those with devices […]

iOS 6.0.1 Now Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


Apple has rolled out the iOS 6.0.1 update to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners today, its first update since its released iOS 6 and its 200 new features to the public back in September. The iOS 6.0.1 is a major bug fix update and one that iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners have been […]

iPad Fourth-Generation vs. Nexus 10

Screen Shot 2012-10-31 at 4.39.42 PM

Most of the focus in the tablet wars has been on the Nexus 7 and the iPad mini, however, there is also a competition brewing this holiday season among the larger tablets from Apple and Google now that the former has introduced its new iPad fourth-generation and the latter has unveiled the Nexus 10. But […]

iOS 6 Jailbreak Fakes Called Out

iOS 6 jailbreak fake

Two fake iPhone 5 jailbreak hackers were unmasked this week by veteran iOS jailbreaker MuscleNerd. The fake jailbreak teams claimed to be working on an iOS 6 jailbreak tools, claiming an untethered iPhone 4S jailbreak for iOS 6 would soon be available, and alluding to an iPhone 5 jailbreak on numerous occasions. Word of fake […]

iPhone 5 Jailbreak Sites Promise the Impossible for $25

iPhone 5 jailbreak

There’s no shortage of iPhone owners waiting for an iPhone 5 jailbreak, which means there are companies promising an iPhone 5 jailbreak for just $25. Many iPhone 5 owners would gladly pay $25 to jailbreak the iPhone 5, but don’t be tricked by companies that promise to unlock and jailbreak the iPhone 5 or an […]

iPhone 5 vs. Nexus 4


Google finally announced its yearly Nexus smartphone in the Nexus 4 by LG, a device that will replace the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and do battle with a host of other smartphones this holiday season. While the Nexus 4 will certainly face stiff competition from the likes of Windows Phone 8 and an assortment of Android […]

Passbook Coupons Finally Arrive for 20 Popular Stores

Passbook coupons

Passbook coupons are now available for popular stores like Barnes & Noble, Sears, PetCo and many others, allowing iPhone users to save and use coupons in iOS 6. Coupons.com now offers Passbook coupons for stores across the country, bringing savings to iPhone users at 20 major retailers. Passbook is a new app for iOS 6 […]

iPad Mini Pre-Orders Start October 26th

Screen Shot 2012-10-23 at 11.14.58 AM

Those looking to get their hands on the iPad Mini and iPad fourth-generation this holiday season will be happy to know that both devices will be up for pre-order this Friday, October 26th. Today, at the iPad Mini event, Apple announced both a new 7-inch iPad Mini and a revamped iPad fourth-generation that will replace […]