iPhone 5 Review: A Month with the New iPhone

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A little over a month ago, I finally caved and bought a new iPhone 5 to replace my iPhone 3GS which I had had for three years. And after spending a solid month with the device, I wanted to share my thoughts about Apple’s new iPhone with those that might be thinking about picking one […]

iPhone 5 Jailbreak Success with Cydia Running on iOS 6, Claims Video

iPhone 5 jailbreak video

An unknown source claims success for an iPhone 5 jailbreak, showing off Cydia and Installous running on iOS 6 on the iPhone 5 in a short video posted to YouTube. The iPhone 5 jailbreak, and an untethered iOS 6 jailbreak are still not available to the public and the teams which typically release jailbreak software […]

Can the New Nexus Phone Compete with the iPhone 5?


Right now, we are presumably just days away from one of Google’s biggest announcements of the year. On October 29th, Google is expected to announced its yearly Nexus smartphone, a device that will replace the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and look to not only compete with other Android smartphones and Windows Phone 8 devices, but Apple’s […]

How to Setup Passbook with Starbucks on the iPhone

Tap to pay within the app

iOS 6 brings Passbook to the iPhone, allowing users to make payments at Starbucks without their wallet. Passbook is a central hub for giftcards, coupons, tickets and other types of passes. The great thing about passbook is that all the items mentioned before are available right on the iPhone for easy access. This helps get rid of […]

Verizon iPhone 5 Date & Time Issues Frustrate Owners

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One of the biggest issues that is still plaguing some owners of the iPhone 5, and specifically, owners of the Verizon iPhone 5, is an issue where the time and date on the phone keep changing. Thus far, a permanent fix has not been offered, nearly a month after the iPhone 5 launched, though it […]

iPhone 5 Jailbreak Status Update for iOS 6

iPhone 5 jailbreak

The iPhone 5 jailbreak remains a matter of hard work and luck according to the hacker responsible for unlocking the full potential of the iPhone 5 and Apple’s iOS 6 software. Over the past weeks the status of the iPhone 5 jailbreak has not dramatically changed, but the outlook of key jailbreak contributors is looking […]

Apple Customers Can Soon Pay for Purchases With Passbook at Apple Stores


Apple is reportedly making changes to its point-of-sales system to support Passbook payments at the company’s retail locations, allowing iOS 6 users a new way to pay for purchases at retail stores. Passbook integration will be made into Apple’s iPod Touch EasyPay system. When Apple launched the iPod Touch EasyPay terminals, they effectively replaced cash […]

Leaked Info Emerges for Native Google Maps App for iOS 6


With iOS 6, Apple made the bold and controversial move to switch away from Google’s mapping services for its native iOS Maps app in favor of an Apple-developed back-end service. While the service does have its weak points–like inaccurate mapping–it does have its strong points like being the first version of a native iOS solution […]

40 iOS 6 Tips and Tricks


Most iPhone an iPad owners know the basics of using the phone and tablet, but a few tips can unlock the full potential of the iPhone and iPad. iOS 6 brings new features like navigation and panoramic photos to the iPhone and finally brings Siri to the iPad with new features like opening apps, checking […]

New Nexus Phone vs. iPhone 5


It has become clear that, at the very least, LG will be releasing a new Nexus phone this year to compete not only with other Android devices but with Apple’s new iPhone as well. Dubbed the LG Nexus 4, at least for now, the device marries some pretty hefty specifications with the benefits that only […]

Apple’s Passbook Scores Home Run With Major League Baseball


While Google’s digital mobile Wallet app is not gaining traction in the U.S., Apple’s Passbook is quickly becoming the darling of Major League Baseball (MLB) fans. According to a MarketWatch report, 12 percent of e-ticket buyers chose to use the Passbook option when given the chance. This translates to 1,500 buyers of e-tickets since Passbook has […]

Top 10 Settings to Change on the iPhone 5

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Whether you’re a new iPhone user or the iPhone 5 is just another iPhone to add to your collection, we have some simple changes that you can make to make your iPhone 5 experience a much better one. We have already shared our iPhone 5 Setup and Security Guide as well as tips on How […]

New iPod Touch Release Incoming

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It appears that Apple has started to make the preparations to start shipping out the fifth-generation iPod touch to those who have pre-ordered the device. Back at the iPhone 5 launch event in September, Apple also unveiled new iPods including the fifth-generation iPod touch which features an all-new design, a 4-inch Retina Display – same […]

How to Set Up Twitter in iOS 6 to Tweet & Share Faster

Twitter Photo Share

The iOS 6 update adds new features to Twitter iPhone integration, providing more reasons for users to connect Twitter to the iPhone or iPad. This guide will show how to set up Twitter in iOS 6 on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for faster access to the social network. It’s worth adding Twitter to […]