SMS Spoofing Flaw Now Fixed in iOS 6


In a flaw with how Apple’s mobile iOS platform handles SMS messages discovered last month, it appears that Apple has listened to the criticism of hackers and have patched the flaw with the release of iOS 6 on Wednesday. The new mobile OS will be preloaded onto the iPhone 5 when the new flagship smartphone […]

How to Fix Passbook Error in iOS 6


Earlier today, we told you that many people were having trouble accessing Passbook compatible apps, a section of one of the new features of the  iOS 6, the operating system that Apple released today. It now appears as though there is a simple fix that will allow users to access the App Store and thus, […]

How to Fix Wi-Fi Issues in iOS 6


iOS 6 is now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and while we’ve been hearing good things for the most part, it appears that some iPhone and iPad owners are unable to connect to Wi-Fi after installing the new iOS 6 update. Fortunately, there appears to be a fix for the issue which […]

iOS 6 on iPhone 3GS: First Impressions and Performance


This morning, like I always do before installing a major iOS update on my iPhone 3GS, I felt a bit of apprehension. Not as much as I normally do considering I will only have my iPhone 3GS for a few more days (or weeks), but still I was apprehensive nonetheless. After debating for maybe a […]

How to Use Do Not Disturb in iOS 6

How to Use Do Not Disturb on iOS 6 - 1

iOS 6 delivers a new feature to the iPhone and iPad that offers users more control over notifications. The Do Not Disturb setting allows users to block all incoming notifications to stop calls, texts and other intrusions from interrupting during a schedule or when users turn Do Not Disturb on. After using Do Not Disturb for […]

Passbook Cannot Connect Error Frustrates iOS 6 Users


One of the newest features of Apple’s newly released iOS 6 is called Passbook which turns the iPhone into a mobile wallet for items like tickets, loyalty cards, coupons, and gift cards. Problem is, many iPhone users can’t get the feature to work. Update: How to Fix Passbook Error in iOS 6. Earlier today, I […]

How to Use PassBook in iOS 6

User created PassBook passes

PassBook is a new iOS 6 app that turns the iPhone into a wallet for tickets, loyalty cards, coupons, gift cards more. The PassBook app doesn’t handle payments like Google Wallet, but it is a place to keep all the various cards and cruft that turns real wallets into George Constanza wallet. PassBook is installed on the iPhone […]

iOS 6 Upgrade Difficult for 16GB iPhone and iPad Owners


Apple released iOS 6 today and while many owners are installing the update with ease, many others, namely those with devices featuring smaller storage, are running into frustrating problems. Personally, I own a 16GB third-generation iPad and a 16GB iPhone 3GS. With a smile on my face, I went to go install iOS 6 this […]

How to Use Personal Hotspot on iOS 6 and the iPhone 5


The new version of iOS 6 offers faster access to the personal hotspot feature, and slightly changes the steps to turn on the personal hotspot. On iOS 6 and on the iPhone 5 with iOS 6 there is a new Personal Hotspot shortcut on the main menu screen that lets users turn on the hotspot without diving […]

How to Manually Update to iOS 6


Most of you will just want to sit and wait for the iOS 6 update to arrive OTA or through iTunes. However, for those of you that don’t like to sit around and wait for iOS 6 to arrive, you have the option of downloading the iOS 6 update directly, bypassing the iTunes servers completely. […]

iPhone 4S Jailbreakers Skip iOS 6 For Now


Today, Apple released iOS 6, its new mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Those who wish to keep their device their device jailbroken will not want to install iOS 6 and will instead want to remain on iOS 5 until a jailbreak for iOS 6 becomes available. As usual, those who […]

iOS 6 Now Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

iOS 6 Logo

iOS 6, Apple’s latest update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is now available for users to download. iOS 6 brings over 200 new features to the iPhone and iPad, and offers all the same software features from the iPhone 5 to iPhone 4S owners free of charge. The iOS 6 update is now […]

How to Update to iOS 6


Apple announced a new version of iOS, the software that powers the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad last week. While it may be too expensive for most people to buy the iPhone 5 off contract that doesn’t mean they need to wait months for the latest features. Some of these features include PassBook, a new […]

iOS 6 Arrives Today: What to Expect


After announcing the iOS 6 release date earlier this month, Apple will push the new software to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners at some point today. For those that are waiting for the update to arrive, we are going to take a look at what you should expect from today’s release date of Apple’s […]

iOS 6 Release Time Rumored for 10AM PST


We’re still not exactly clear about what time Apple will release iOS 6 to the public but current rumors have Apple possibly releasing the iOS 6 at 10AM PST, 1PM EST. The rumor comes courtesy of a purported screenshot leak on Twitter, courtesy of CNET, that details supposed times for the iOS 6 release. Of […]

iOS 6 Release Brings Modern Maps, Navigation to iPhone

Apple Maps Navigation iOS 6 vs iOS 5

One of the best features in iOS 6 is the improved Apple Maps app. This app replaces Google Maps on the iPhone when users install iOS 6, and brings modern maps with navigation to the iPhone. The iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS all receive this update today, but the best features like Flyover […]

How Long the iOS 6 Update Will Take

iOS 6 Time

After a large amount of anticipation iOS 6 is finally arriving today. While this is great news it may be helpful to know how long it will take to install iOS 6. Although the process is fairly straightforward in how to install the update, it does require some time. Different factors can effect how long […]

iOS 6 Release Time Still Not Clear


Apple announced that iOS 6 will be available today, September 19, but the company has yet to release the software or told anyone when it will be available to download. With millions of iPhone and iPad users eagerly awaiting the iOS 6 update, those who want to avoid any logjams should wait for the iOS […]

AAPL Hits $701 a Share on iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Release Hype

AAPL Stock 701

Apple (AAPL) closed at $701.91 today as investors pushed stock to a near all time high close on the eve of the iOS 6 release date and days ahead of the iPhone 5 release date. Apple announced the iPhone 5, with 4G LTE, a thinner design and a larger 4-inch display on September 12th, and […]

5 Overlooked iOS 6 Features You’ll Love

iOS 6 Features Overlooked 1

Starting tomorrow morning users can download iOS 6 to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The latest version of Apple’s iOS software includes over 200 new features. We’ve shared many of these new iOS 6 features, focusing on the flashy ones like Siri on the iPad and turn-by-turn directions, but there are many more iOS […]