What iPhone Thieves Will See After the iOS 7 Release

IOS 7 Security - prevent iPhone theft

Apple announced a new iOS 7 feature design to stop iPhone theft by locking the iPhone and iPad to a user account. This isn’t the kill switch that police and legislators called for, but it is a good start to discouraging iPhone theft. iOS 7 will now ask if a computer should be trusted when […]

iOS 7 Beta: Video Tour of New iOS 7 Features

iOS 7 includes a new Photos App with easier sharing.

Apple calls iOS 7 the biggest change to iOS since the iPhone and with a completely new look that adapts to your background, offers faster control of settings and 50 iOS 7 features you’ll actually use  — there’s a good reason to make a fuss over iOS 7. The iOS 7 release date is set for this […]

iOS 7: 5 Small, But Exciting Features

Spotlight is now accessed from the top of the home screen.

Yesterday, Apple announced its brand new operating system that will be coming to older devices sometime this fall. On stage, Apple took a look at ten of the biggest features in iOS 7 and we upped the ante and offered a look at 50 of the most useful features of iOS 7. Now, it’s time […]

How to Downgrade from the iOS 7 Beta

ios 7 beta downgrade featured

The iOS 7 beta is out and available for practically anyone to try months ahead of the fall iOS 7 release. While there is officially no way to downgrade from the iOS 7 beta to iOS 6, after running into some issues we’ve discovered how to revert to iOS 6. Apple doesn’t support this with […]

50 iOS 7 Features You’ll Actually Care About

Control Center in iOS 7 replicates some jailbreak features and makes it easier to change settings.

Apple announced a major iOS 7 redesign, with countless iOS 7 features that are rolling out in the iOS 7 beta today. There are hundreds of new iOS 7 features, but you won’t care about every single thing that’s new in iOS 7. You can check out a dozen new iOS 7 features on Apple, […]

5 Reasons to Skip iOS 7 Beta

Owners of older iPad models won't get the full iOS 7 update.

While the iOS 7 release date is now slated for the fall, owners of the iPhone (and soon the iPad and iPod touch) can get their hands on the software early through an iOS 7 beta. However, while getting hands-on a new version of iOS early might sound like a great idea, there are actually […]

iOS 7: 5 Things You Need to Know

Apple announced iOS 7 today at WWDC.

As expected, Apple announced a new version of iOS at WWDC 2013 in the form of iOS 7, an update that it says is the biggest update to iOS since the debut of the iPhone many years ago. Apple announced quite a bit on stage including new features, overhauled applications, and more. But what are […]

How To Get iOS 7 Beta Right Now

Get the iOS 7 beta today for as little as $8.

If you don’t want to wait for the fall iOS 7 release date, you can get the iOS 7 beta right now for the iPhone for as little as $8. The IOS 7 beta is available today for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, and will come to the iPad later. Read: 15 […]

iOS 7 Beta: Popular Service Promises Early Access for $8

WWDC 2013 iOS

We expect Apple will announce iOS 7 and an iOS 7 beta at WWDC 2013 in early June, and one of our favorite places to get iOS beta access is back to deliver iOS 7 beta access to users for $8. Apple typically announces a new version of the iOS software and then allows developers […]