iOS 7 Concept Video: Functional Lock Screen, Beautiful Weather App

A new iOS 7 lock screen concept helps users get more doen without unlocking the iPhone.

A new iOS 7 concept emerges as we inch closer to WWDC 2013, showing us an improved lock screen with widgets, controls and a new look. Apple is widely expected to revamp iOS when the iOS 7 release comes out, which could mean a radically new look for various parts of the iPhone and iPad, […]

New iOS 7 Concept Design Shows New Lockscreen, Widgets

Bianco iOS 7 concept widgets

As the inevitable launch of iOS 7 draws near, designers are releasing concepts of what they think it should look like, adding in features like widgets that Apple doesn’t have in its current mobile OS. The newest iOS 7 concept comes from designer Frederico Bianco, and unlike some other concepts it doesn’t completely reinvent iOS, […]

iOS 7 Concept Imagines Smarter iPhone 5S Lock Screen

The iPhone lock screen, re-imagined.

While the actual iOS 7 release date is probably months away, designers are already coming up with their own visions for Apple’s upcoming software with the latest iOS 7 concept video showcasing a new smarter lock screen for the iPhone that will likely be arriving with iOS 7 later this year, the iPhone 5S. Read: […]

This is What Safari Should Look Like on iOS 7

This is what Safari in iOS 7 could look like with a unified search and URL bar.

We expect iOS 7 to arrive later this year with the iPhone 5S, and with the new version of iOS Apple could take the opportunity to update Safari for a better mobile internet experience. The iPhone is vastly different than it was in 2007, as is iOS and many fo the iPhone apps, but Safari […]