iOS 7 Beta Spills Apple iCar Connectivity Details

Apple's iCar push begins with iOS in the Car, a feature that will apparently use AirPlay to put iPhone info on the in-dash screen of many car models.

New details about how Apple plans to connect the iPhone running iOS 7 to the car, the first step in an iCar, emerged as part of the iOS 7 beta 3 this week, and a new patent points to Apple’s plans to provide guidance to car manufacturers when it comes to the user experience. A […]

iOS 7’s Siri in the Car May Drive Hard Buying Choice for Tech Drivers


While consumers may welcome the familiarity of having their favorite smartphone operating system in their new vehicle, particularly with Apple’s iOS 7 Siri in the Car announcement recently at WWDC, the answer isn’t so simple. Though General Motors hasn’t outlined its plans for iOS 7 in the car, the auto-manufacturer was on Apple’s short list […]

Ford Seeking “Seamless” iOS 7 In the Car Connectivity

Jim Buczkowski, director of Electrical and Electronics Systems, tells Gotta Be Mobile Ford is working with Apple on features like the new iOS 7 in the car.

Ford Sync and MyFord Touch are rooted in Microsoft, but that doesn’t mean Ford isn’t interested in partnering with Apple to deliver on the iOS 7 in the car, a new feature that puts the iPhone screen on the car’s in dash display. Apple announced a new iOS 7 in the Car feature that will […]