Apple Makes In-App Purchases Easier to See with iOS 7.1.1


In a move that makes so much sense, Apple has made it easier to determine which Apps feature in-app purchases in some places in the App Store. The move came with the release today of iOS 7.1.1 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch lineup of Apple devices. In-app purchases are a valid business model […]

Sometimes The iOS App Store Just Goes Weird


As I mentioned recently in this comparison between the iPad Air and the Surface 2, both Apple and Microsoft need to do some serious plumbing work on their respective App Stores. (Google does to.) When it comes to discovery of Apps and maintaining your purchased App collection sometimes things are just plain funky. This strikes […]

Apple’s App Store Now Home to Over 200,000 iPad Apps

Apple's App Store Now Home to Over 200,000 iPad Apps

During its Q2 earnings call today, Apple confirmed that its App Store now boasts over 600,000 applications and that 200,000 of those are applications specifically designed for the company’s tablet device, the iPad. The company also confirmed that the App Store as a whole generated $1.9 billion in revenue during the quarter although the company […]

Apple’s iOS App Store Now Home to Over 500,000 Apps

iPad 2

In a press release today, Apple announced that its iOS App Store has gone over the 500,000 app mark, a figure that Google’s Android Market hit back in October of this year. It also announced that its dedicated Mac App Store has seen over 100 million downloads since launch. Apple confirmed that the Mac App […]