iFrogz Introduces Caliber Advantage Mobile Gaming Controller for iOS 7

The iFrogz Caliber Advantage controller.

Hot on the heels of Apple’s announcement that its iOS 7 would bring support for third-party gaming controllers, accessory maker iFrogz has announced that it will add iOS gaming support to the Caliber Advantage Mobile Gaming Controller for use with the iPod Touch and iPhone. The device, which was already previewed during this year’s Consumer […]

60beat GamePad: PlayStation Controller for iPad, iPhone

60beat GamePad for iOS

The 60beat GamePad connects to your iPad or other iOS device so you can control your games with a physical game pad instead of the mostly horrible onscreen controls of iOS games. It only works with a limited selection of compatible games, but hopefully the list will grow if this thing takes off. I played […]

Are iOS Devices About to Take Over Console Gaming?

Are the big three gaming companies about to be imprisoned by Apple?

Sometimes new technology forces one to let go of old expectations that no longer apply. When we think of video games, we still tend to think of three categories: home consoles (like the PS3), mobile consoles (like the PSP), and, to a lesser degree, gaming PCs. During the last couple of years, though, a shift […]