Apple Rebrands iOS in the Car as CarPlay

Apple_-_CarPlay 2

Apple has taken the wraps off of what had been called iOS in the Car and given it a new name: CarPlay. Announced at the Geneva Motor Show, CarPlay will be demoed Tuesday with cars from Ferrari, Mercedes Benz and Volvo. Billed as “smarter, safer, and more fun way to use iOS in the car,” […]

Report: iOS in the Car Might be Coming Next Week (and iOS 7.1)


The Financial Times is reporting that Apple may release iOS in the Car next week at the Geneva Motor Show. That report says that Ferrari, Mercedez-Benz, and Volvo will show off cars at the show which runs March 6th to the 16th. Given that we’ve been hearing that iOS 7.1, the long awaited, and much needed […]

iOS in the Car Functionality Demoed on Video

The iOS in the Car screenshot shows Apple maps with a home button and options on the screen.

Earlier this month, we were treated with a handful of screenshots of iOS in the Car, which is an initiative between Apple and car manufacturers to bring seamless iOS integration to infotainment systems in a variety of new vehicles. This time around, though, we’ve been treated with a video demo. The video demonstration clearly shows […]

Latest iOS 7.1 Beta Suggests iOS in the Car Coming Soon


Though Apple had initially unveiled its latest efforts for the car in the form of iOS 7 in the Car earlier this summer at WWDC, delayed developments efforts have so far prevented the release of the software. Now, it looks like with beta 2 of the iOS 7.1 operating system that is currently being seeded […]

Steeri is The Driverless Car We All Think Might Happen


It’s a very cold weekend in most parts of the U.S. so perhaps a little satirical humor will offer some warmth. Even better, the target of the satire is a favorite for many, and that’s Apple’s Siri. Well, actually it isn’t Siri. It’s Steeri. The very funny folks at the Smart Department have produced a […]