iPhone 6: 7 Things Buyers Can Expect

The iPhone 6 release date may come in the fall based on a new earnings report.

As we move deeper into the year, iPhone 6 rumors have begun to pick up the pace, teasing consumers with rumors regarding the iPhone 6 release date, screen size, software, and more. In September, Apple announced the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. Both devices have been heavily rumored throughout the year and thanks to […]

What to Do if You Forgot Your iPhone Passcode

2014-04-30 15.13.55

Sometimes you quickly create a passcode while setting up your new iPhone just so you can start playing around with it sooner. However, once it comes time to unlock your iPhone the next time you want to get on it, you suddenly don’t remember what passcode you used. Luckily, there are ways to reset your […]

Free Hulu Streaming Coming to iPhone and Android This Summer

Free Hulu coming this summer to mobile devices

The popular TV show streaming service Hulu has announced that it will be launching free Hulu streaming on iPhone and Android devices starting at some point this summer. Currently, you have to be a Hulu Plus subscriber in order to stream TV shows on your mobile device, but that will change over the summer when […]

How to Look Up the Owner of a Lost iPhone


People lose there iPhones all the time, and they’re usually found by others left at a coffee shop or accidentally dropped on the sidewalk. While some people may have larceny in their heart, you’re one of the good guys or girls that wants to find out who the owner is and return it to them. […]

iOS 7.1.1 on iPad mini with Retina Display Review

iPad mini with Retina display

Last week, Apple pushed out its latest iOS 7.1 update in the form of iOS 7.1.1. The incremental bug fix update touched down for all iPhone and iPad models running iOS 7, the company’s operating system that launched back in September. After spending a week with the iOS 7.1.1 on iPad mini with Retina Display, […]

iOS 7.1.1 on iPad Air Review

iPad Air

Last week, Apple pushed out its first update to the iOS 7.1 update that rolled out back in March. The update arrived in the form of iOS 7.1.1 and it brings iOS 7 users several bug fixes. After spending a week with Apple’s brand new iOS 7.1.1 update, we want to take a look at […]

iOS 7.1.1 on iPhone 5 Review


Last week, Apple released the first update to its iOS 7.1 update that was first released back in March. iOS 7.1.1 debuted for all devices on Apple’s iOS 7 operating system and it’s aimed at fixing a few of the iOS 7 problems that iPhone and iPad owners had been experiencing prior to its arrival. […]

iPhone 6 & iOS 8: New Concept Shows Off 5 Potential Features

A new iOS 8 concept shows 5 potential features and asks if this update is tailored for the iPhone 6.

A new iOS 8 concept shows a new version of software that could be tailored for the iPhone 6, showing a collection of five potential iOS 8 features that Apple could introduce on stage in June at WWDC 2014. The next major version of Apple’s iPhone and iPad software is called iOS 8, and Apple […]

5 Best Shopping Apps for iPhone


One thing that every human being does in their lifetime is shop, so why not take advantage of it by finding the best deals and even being rewarded for your trip to the store? These are some of the best shopping apps for iPhone that you should check out. You’d be surprised at how many […]

iOS 8 Concept Video: Intelligent iOS for a Big iPhone 6

This new iOS 8 concept combines gestures and motion for a more intelligent iPhone experience.

In a month we will see what Apple has in store for iOS 8, but a new iOS 8 concept shows a gesture and motion sensing update that could deliver a better iPhone experience and could help make an iPhone 6 with a larger screen easier to use with one hand. iOS 8 is the […]

Touch ID for iPad Air 2 Hinted in iOS 7.1 Code


After the iPhone 5s launched back in September with a fingerprint sensor, rumors began flying about the possibility of the iPad also getting the same technology. Of course, we have yet to see an iPad come equipped with Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor, but we’re seeing hints that the next iPad (probably the iPad Air […]

iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3: What We Know Right Now

The iPhone 5s design is much nicer than the Galaxy Note 3.

As we head deeper into 2014, we’re starting to learn more and more about Apple’s plans for the coming year. Among them, a brand new iPhone that is currently being called the iPhone 6. With rumors flying around, we want to take a look at how the rumored iPhone 6 is stacking up next to […]

5 Best Travel Apps for iPhone


Your iPhone is one of the most important pieces of technology that you can have with you when you’re traveling, but are you using it to its fullest potential? Here are five of the best travel apps for iPhone that are sure to make your traveling easier and less stressful. There certainly isn’t a shortage […]

iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4: What We Know Right Now

A larger iPhone 6 could bring Android users to iPhone.

As we move deeper into 2014, we’re beginning to hear a lot more about Apple’s plans for the new year. Rumors suggest that Apple will be including a new iPhone in those plans, a device that’s being called iPhone 6. With demand increasing by the day, we want to take an updated look at how […]

iOS 7.1.1 on iPad Mini with Retina: Impressions and Performance


Yesterday, just about month after the iOS 7.1 release, Apple pushed out an iOS 7.1.1 update iPhones, iPads and iPod touches running its iOS 7 operating system. After spending some time with the new iOS 7.1 update on the iPad mini with Retina Display, we want to offer up our impressions about iOS 7.1.1 and […]

iOS 7.1.1 on iPhone 5s: Impressions and Performance

The iOS 7.1.1 update on the iPhone 5s installed easily and runs good so far.

The iOS 7.1.1 update is finally available for the iPhone 5s and other Apple devices as a free over the air download that promises to fix an important security issue, improve Touch ID and several other bugs. After spending a day using iOS 7.1.1 on the iPhone 5s here is an early look at the […]

iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak Release Very Unlikely

iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak unlikely

Apple released iOS 7.1.1 yesterday to the public, arriving with a handful of bug fixes, as well as some performance improvements to the keyboard and the iPhone 5s’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Jailbreakers (as always) have been curious whether or not the latest update will see a jailbreak finally, but there doesn’t seem to be […]

Apple Patches Serious Security Flaws for iOS, OS X and Airport Extreme


Apple flipped the update switch for a number of its products Tuesday including iOS, OS X, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, and for the Airport Extreme. As the downloads commenced and users looked to change logs, it was discovered that the security components included in the updates for iOS, OS X and the Airport Extreme all […]

iOS 7.1.1 on iPad Air: Impressions and Performance

Key details emerge in a new report on the iPad Air 2014 and iPad mini Retina 2014 models.

Earlier this month, it became apparent that Apple was indeed working on a brand new iOS 7.1 update in the form of iOS 7.1.1. And just a few days after the rumor mill started churning, Apple released the iOS 7.1.1 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. After spending some time with the new iOS […]

Apple Makes In-App Purchases Easier to See with iOS 7.1.1


In a move that makes so much sense, Apple has made it easier to determine which Apps feature in-app purchases in some places in the App Store. The move came with the release today of iOS 7.1.1 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch lineup of Apple devices. In-app purchases are a valid business model […]