Maybe I Won’t Upgrade my iPad to iOS4.2…


The release of IOS4.2.1 is imminent and iPad users around the globe are chomping at the bit to get Apple’s latest mobile operating system on their iPads, iPods and iPhones. But after using my iPad for a while this afternoon I started to think about the benefits of single-tasking, the much under appreciated black sheep […]

iPhone Business is Worth More Than All But 10 Companies


Apple’s iPhone business is worth more than all but  10 companies in the world according to a report by Trefis. According to the analysts, Apple is worth $391 billion, which is 40% more than the current value of the company’s stock. The iPhone business is worth more than half that value, which means if it […]

New Apple iTunes Offering Coming Tomorrow

Screen shot 2010-11-15 at 8.23.27 AM

Apple’s home page is currently overtaken by a message that points to a new product offering tomorrow. Apple recently introduced several new features, including social networking, in iTunes 10.1, the latest version of the company’s digital storefront and media player. The new iTunes offering comes just in time for the holiday shopping season. The message […]

iPhone Apps Used in Atomic Tom Subway Video


Atomic Tom pulled off a very successful marketing stunt by performing on a Subway with iPhones in place of their instruments. Some of my friends and family members asked me what applications they’d need to buy to replicate Atomic Tom’s Take me Out performance. Here’s a list of the apps with links to the Apple […]

Action Series Shot and Edited on iPhone 4, iPod Touch


Majek Pictures, the folks that shot an incredible short film using the iPhone 4 just after it launched, are now rolling out a new action series. Goldilocks is an action series shot and edited on iOS4 devices. The series will be distributed from within an iPhone app. Here’s the first episode of Goldilocks: And here’s […]

DIY iPad Multi-Tasking


A lot of iPad owners are getting impatient waiting around for multi-tasking. Have time to visit your local hardware store and glue a few items together? Then you can have a full-fledged multi-tasking iPad today. Want to FaceTime while browsing the Web on your iPad? No problem. Get step by step Instructions on how to […]

The iPad is the Next iPod…And Then Some

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While a lot of companies have made promises about media tablets this year, Apple’s the only one to sell such a device in any real volume. There are some Android tablets hitting the market and the BlackBerry Playbook was recently introduced. But for the time being, Apple’s the only one out there with a cohesive […]

Glif Makes iPhone 4 Tripod Friendly


My iPhone 4 has pretty much replaced my point and shoot cameras, but it’s tough to keep the iPhone 4 steady when shooting videos or shooting photos in low light. Enter the Glif, a simple gadget that makes it possible to mount the iPhone 4 on any tripod. It also acts as a kickstand, which […]

iOS 4.2 for iPad Beta Video Walkthrough


After using my iPhone 4 for almost three months, the iPad is starting to feel a bit stale. I find myself trying to perform iOS4 tasks on the iPad, forgetting that it runs on an obsolete operating system. Fortunately, iOS4.2 for iPad is just around the corner and it looks great so far. Our friend Andru […]

Netflix App Comes to iPhone, iPod Touch


Netflix has updated its app in Apple’s iTunes store, enabling it to run on both the iPhone and iPod Touch. Netflix is one of my most-used iPad apps and this update will allow us subscribers to squeeze some more value out of our subscriptions. The Netflix app is free to use as long as you […]

Turn an iPad Into a Wireless Touchscreen Display for Your PC


Air Display, a nifty little app that turns iPads and iPhones into wireless secondary displays, now works with Windows. The Windows driver is in beta (available here). This is one of the most useful apps I’ve downloaded and use it on a regular basis when using my MacBook Pro. Using an iPad as a secondary […]

Mom Gets an iPhone 4, It’s All About Facetime


My dad picked up an iPhone 4 a couple of weeks ago and has dived right into using it. My mom had been poking around at it curiously, all the while insisting that she didn’t need one. It became pretty obvious that she’d like one of her own so we decided to buy her one […]

Windows Phone 7 Coming in October, “Game Not Over”


Microsoft COO Kevin Turner is out promoting Windows Phone 7, stating that Microsoft will be back in the game come this fall. Some have declared that the only two viable players in the smartphone market are Android and iPhone, but Turner thinks otherwise. He correctly called Microsoft’s lack of a competitive smartphone operating systeem a […]

Smartphones Now 25% of U.S. Mobile Market, Android Taking Off


Nielsen released some very interesting numbers today, summarizing Americans’ smartphone habits and desires. One out of four phones are now smartphones, an increase of 56% over the past year. For the first time, more Android devices were sold in a quarter than iPhones. With a 27% share of new subscribers, Google’s free mobile operating system […]

iPhone 3G slow with iOS4? Take it to the Apple Store


Reports of the iPhone 3G turning into a hot slug when updated to iOS4 are gaining momentum. TUAW has a good rundown with potential solutions. The Mobile Gadgeteer says it just shouldn’t be done. And the problem has hit the mainstream via The Wall Street Journal. But while others are having trouble, my 3G is […]

iPhone Replaces ‘Shopping Cart’ Full of Gadgets for the Blind

Screen shot 2010-07-12 at 9.37.27 AM

When I first read the headline Smartphones Flunk for Blind Users in an email newsletter my father forwarded to me, I though I was about to read that touch-enabled smartphones are completely unusable for the visually impaired. Instead, I was absolutely floored by how Joshua Miele, a  Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute scientist is using his iPhone and other […]

Don’t blame the cursor! Windows is just fine for touch…


I’ve now spent about two weeks full time with the multi-touch Fujitsu T900. I have been interested to see how capacitive touch works with Windows on a daily basis since there has been a lot of suggestion in the IT media (including this website) that Windows is not designed for touch due to its orientation […]

Will Battery Life Be the Story of iPhone 4 and iOS4?


Some folks are getting their iPhones early, and the big media reviews are already out. Apple’s next gen operating system iOS4 is out as well. Based on what I’m reading I’m wondering if battery life isn’t going to be the story or at least one of the big stories. Several folks who have installed iOS4 […]