iPhone 5 Review: The Next Edition of a Serial Saga


Writers of serialized fiction have to accomplish two things. They have to keep their audiences coming back for more of the same thing that got them hooked in the first place. And then they have to provide just the right amount of change or surprise that won’t upset those same loyal fans. The greats know […]

Apple’s Tim Cook Apologizes for Maps


Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has put forth a letter apologizing for the problems with Maps. Saying the company “fell short” of its own standards and Apple is “extremely sorry” for the frustration this has led to. Cook says that Apple is working hard to improve the App and recommends that consumers use other third party […]

Losing Direction with Apple Maps


There have already been more words written than can possibly be read about Apple’s issues with its new Maps App. Many of those words are just words without meaning as they counter other words written previously. There’s a PR war going on between Apple and Google over who did what when, both trying to save […]

Apple’s Vaunted App Stores Need Some Work


Apple continues to sell iOS devices at a record clip. Apparently over 100 million iOS device toting folks have also upgraded their older devices to iOS 6, along with those users who are receiving iOS 6 with an new iPhone 5. Apple also seems to be doing quite well in terms of selling Macs. The […]

iOS 6 on iPhone 4: First Impressions and Performance

Software Update

Along with many other iPhone users I was very excited to install iOS 6 on my iPhone 4. Although the iPhone 4 does not receive all the new iOS 6¬†features, the new software the proposed benefits outweigh any potential downsides. After using iOS 6 on the iPhone 4 for several days, here are my thoughts. […]

Thoughts After a Day of Apple Update Frenzy


Remember the days of old when upgrading a computer used to take a day if not more? Of course if you’re a gadget geek and you had multiple computers to update then you were looking at a considerable time investment to get things up to speed with whatever the latest and greatest. I used to […]

How to Get YouTube Back On iOS 6

YouTube vs. YouTube

After upgrading to iOS 6, users may notice the YouTube app is missing from their home screen. In addition to ditching Google Maps for the new Apple Maps app, Apple pulled the YouTube app from iOS 6, but users can download a new and improved YouTube iPhone app from the App Store. Read:¬†iOS 6 Tips […]

Apple Untucked: iPhone 5 and iPod Touch Announcement Lacks Luster


Call it too many rumors. Call it a maturing platform. You could probably call it a lot of things. But, the bottom line on the Apple announcements today is while Apple might roll out the usual (and now redundant) hyperbole about it’s latest and greatest I think there’s something missing. From where I’m sit we’re […]

My Thoughts on a Smaller iPad


As I mentioned in this post, rumors and speculation about Apple releasing a smaller iPad or a larger iPod Touch have gotten white hot. So much so that if Apple surprises and doesn’t release something in this vein then we’ll have a bit of a crazy time separating the fact from the fiction and the […]