How To Get Your New iPad Early From Fedex

iPad Retina Display

I finally got my shipping notification from Apple today saying they shipped my new iPad 3rd gen and found that thankfully they shipped it using FedEx. I’m glad to learn they used FedEx because the company will let you hold your shipment at the nearest distribution center so you can pick it up when it’s […]

The New iPad May Come With 1 GB RAM


The good news for those who are looking to snatch the new iPad as Apple’s new iOS slate is said to come with 1 GB of RAM, double the amount from the iPad 2. While the iPad 2 does a fine job multitasking its way through the confines of the iOS software, the increase in […]

Top 5 New iPad Warranty and Insurance Options Compared

The new iPad 3rd Generation is on the way to home and stores across the country, which means it will soon be in your hands, where you’ll be able to drop it and break it. The iPad isn’t a cheap gadget, and in drop tests the iPad doesn’t do so well. Even if you plan […]

New iPad 3rd Gen Goes on Sale Friday At 8 AM

The new iPad will be available on Friday, March 16 at 8:00 AM according to store sign images posted online today. Apple does not time the release to happen at the same moment across the globe, so the iPad 3rd Generation launch time will happen at 8 AM your local time. (Read: iPad Buyer’s Guide) […]

New iPad Buyers Guide

New iPad Buyers Guide

As expected, Apple has announced its latest iPad, dubbed iPad. Pre-orders have been available since March 7th, the date that Apple announced the device, and it will be arriving on shelves and on the door steps of some pre-orderers on March 16th. The new iPad is a sizable upgrade over the previous version of the […]

More Rumors Point to 4G LTE iPhone 5 This Fall

iPhone 5 with 4G LTE Again Rumored for Later This Year

Now that Apple has finally launched a 4G LTE version of its tablet, the iPad, the company is widely speculated to be bringing those capabilities to the next version of its smartphone, the iPhone. A report from Digitimes claims that Apple will be doing that very thing later on this year with the report stating […]

New iPad Shipping Dates Slip to 2-3 Weeks

New iPad Shipping Dates Slip to 2-3 Weeks

Those looking to get Apple’s new iPad are going to have to deal with a little bit of a wait as shipping times for the new device have slipped even further. Those placing an order today on a new iPad should expect the device to arrive in the next two to three weeks. This comes […]

AT&T Reveals 12 Upcoming 4G LTE Markets

AT&T Reveals 12 Upcoming 4G LTE Markets

Yes, the 4G LTE iPad is coming to AT&T’s next generation network. Problem is, the carrier’s coverage pales in comparison to Verizon’s. As of right now, AT&T is home to around 30 4G LTE markets in and around the continental United States. Well, in an effort to change that, Ma Bell is going to be […]

Apple Completely Sells Out of iPad Pre-Orders in All Launch Countries

iPad retina display

In all countries where the new third-generation iPad will become available this Friday, Apple has completely sold out of pre-order inventory in a situation that mirrored the iPad 2’s debut a year ago. The iPad-maker is informing customers that they should not expect shipments to arrive now for up to three weeks. In a statement, […]

Which iPad 4G LTE Plan Is The Best For Me?

Verizon LTE vs AT&T LTE

Less than a week from now the first 3rd gen iPads will finally land in customer hands. Those of you who bought a 4G LTE model from Verizon Wireless or AT&T will have one other choice to make once the tablet is all set up: the data plan. You can activate and cancel service right […]

Best Buy Database Outs Sprint iPad

Best Buy Database Outs Sprint iPad

At Apple’s iPad event on Wednesday, the company revealed that its new iPad would be heading to the 4G LTE networks of AT&T and Verizon. Left out in the cold was Sprint which carries Apple’s iPhone 4S but as of yet, does not have its 4G LTE network in place. Well, if a photo of […]

How Apple Convinced Me Not to Buy a Bigger iPad

New iPad Now Available for Pre-Order at Radio Shack

Today, Apple convinced me to give them $100 less than I wanted to. It began last night when our editor Josh Smith and I had a Twitter conversation that made me think about changing my iPad preorder from the 32GB model to the 64GB. As I said in our team post about why we picked […]

New iPad Pre-Orders Sold Out at Apple

New iPad Pre-Orders Sold Out at Apple

Earlier today, we told you that pre-order dates for the new iPad were slipping and sure enough, we have discovered that pre-orders for the new iPad are currently sold out through the Apple Store across the board and those that place an order right now will not get the device on release day. Instead, the […]

New iPad Orders Slip Past Release Date

New iPad Takes a European Vacation Before Delivery

While many have already ordered the new iPad and seen it ship out from China on the way to a March 16th delivery, it appears that some are being told that their device will, in fact, be missing launch day delivery. Right now, it appears that the delayed shipments are centered around some orders in […]

New iPad Orders Already Shipping for Release Date Delivery

new iPad

Some customers already received a notice from Apple that their new iPad has shipped from the factory in China for deliver on March 16th. The shipment notification shows that the order was placed on March 7th, during the frist day of pre-orders. Many of the GottaBeMobile staff ordered the iPad, but we have not yet […]

Apple Making Slightly Less Profit Off iPad 3rd Gen

iPad components cost

People obsessed with the “actual” cost of the electronics they own will love this. Analysts from UBM TechInsights released some numbers today that suggests Apple is making slightly less profit from the new 4G LTE iPad than they did off the iPad 2. They guesstimated that the iPad’s components come to $310. Retail price is […]

iPad Pre-Order Ship Dates Start Slipping; France & Germany Sold Out


In the U.S., ship dates for customers who pre-order the new iPad┬áhave begun to slip, with select models now showing a March 19 ship date, rather than the March 16 ship date that was promised if customers had pre-ordered sooner. The slip in ship and delivery date only affects some models of the iPad, and […]

How to Return Your iPad 2 for the New iPad

How to Return Your iPad 2 for the New iPad

While yesterday’s iPad announcement might have been a joyous occasion for some, others, specifically those that recently plopped down money for the iPad, might be panicking and wondering how to return the older iPad for the newer one. Fortunately, such a thing is possible and we’re going run down how you can go about returning […]