PDF Converter for iPad Gives You Control Over Your Documents [Review]

PDF Converter

PDF Converter is an iPad app from Readdle, the developer of some great apps like Calendars and ReaddelDocs. PDF Converter converts documents, web pages, pictures and other things to a PDF file that is suitable for sharing or backing up for later use. The app is simple to use and, while it is not a cheap app […]

Note Take HD Developer Dan Bricklan on Twit’s Triangulation

Dan Bricklin demos Note Taker HD

If you are a fan of Note Taker HD, you might be interested in meeting the developer, Dan Bricklin. He is no lightweight in the software development community. As the creator of Visicalc, he has quite a pedigree. The young people won’t recognize Visicalc unless they are also computer or software history buffs. Visicalc was […]

Evernote Update Takes Advantage of iPad 2 Camera


Evernote was updated today with at least one new feature aimed at the iPad 2 – the ability to take note snapshots with the iPad 2’s camera. This is the killer application for the iPad 2. While sitting in a meeting just today I was using Evernote to keep track of our discussion. One of […]

Watch Live TV on Your iPad and iPad 2 w/ Time Warner Cable App (video)

How to Watch TV on the iPAd

Time Warner Cable has launched a new iPad app that lets users watch live TV on the iPad and iPad 2 over a WiFi connection. The new app is available free in the iTunes app store and delivers 32 live HDTV channels to the iPad when connected to your home WiFi Connection. Check out our iPad 2 Review […]