Why Sprint Is Noticeably Absent from The New iPad Party


If you’ve been following GottaBeMobile this week, you’ll know that Apple’s iPad is the hot announcement at the moment. Apple introduced new iPad models with Retina Display clarity, new A5x processors with quad-core graphics, and fast 4G LTE connectivity in addition to WiFi-only models for AT&T and Verizon. Sprint, the third Apple iOS partner with […]

What Apple Left Out of the New iPad Announcement

New iPad is the iPad 3

Apple announced their new iPad 3 today with a lot of interesting new features including a Retina Display, 4G LTE, faster processor and slightly thicker body, but they left out some really great things. (Read: New iPad Announced: Faster, Retina Display & 4G LTE) Here are the features that users, including our staff, wish Apple […]

Buy the New iPad Now Unless You Want to Wait Months

new iPad

Apple launched the new iPad today with some compelling new features making it a hot gadget that we’re pretty sure will sell out quickly.If you’re sure you want a new iPad, we recommend placing your order as soon as possible or risk having to wait weeks or months for the model you want. [Read iPad […]

Looking for the iPad 3? Meet the new iPad

New iPad is the iPad 3

You may have heard about the iPad 3 over the past few months, a new iPad with a Retina Display, 4G LTE and much more. Today Apple announced the new iPad, which is essentially the iPad 3, or at least that’s what many users will call it. So, here’s the cheat sheet. The iPad 3 […]

New iPad Release Date: March 16 in U.S., Germany, Japan and U.K.

New iPad Release Date: March 16 in U.S., Germany, Japan and U.K.

Apple has announced its next iPad, as of right now called the new iPad, and while it has rundown a host of the new features that will be coming along with the gadget, it has also revealed the new iPad release date. As expected, the new iPad will become available on March 16th, nine days […]

New iPad Announced: Retina Display, 5MP Camera, 4G LTE

New iPad

Apple just announce the third generation iPad. The new iPad has an enormously high-resolution Retina Display, the same camera found in your iPhone 4S, 4G LTE and a faster Apple A5X dual core processor with quad core graphics. Apple has packed a lot of new technology into the iPad, but you can still count on 10 hours […]

New iPad Supports 4G LTE for AT&T and Verizon

Apple's New iPad Supports 4G LTE for AT&T and Verizon

Apple has announced its brand new iPad at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco and as was rumored prior to launch, the tablet will be coming with 4G LTE support for a number of carriers including AT&T and Verizon in the United States and Rogers, Telus and Bell in Canada. In […]

New iPad Features A5X Processor with Quad-Core Graphics

New iPad Features A5X Processor with Quad-Core Graphics

As expected, Apple has introduced the new iPad at its event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and sure enough, the device is packing a new processor inside. We had heard rumblings about a new, powerful processor and Apple has delivered. The new iPad is going to feature a dual-core  A5X processor with […]

Apple By The Numbers: iPad Sales Stats for 2011 (AAPL)

Apple Logo iPad 3 iPad HD Sales Stats

Today at the iPad special event in California Tim Cook kicked off the show in usual Apple style with a recap of the Apple’s success over the past year. Based on the Apple Q1 2012 results we already know that Apple sold 37.4 million iPhones and 15 million iPads in the last 3 months of […]

4G LTE iPad 3 All But Confirmed

4G LTE iPad 3 All But Confirmed

We’re just a few minutes away from Apple’s iPad event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco and 9to5Mac is reporting that international 4G LTE iPad 3/iPad HD have begun showing up in Apple’s inventory system which could mean that 4G LTE enabled versions of the new iPad should be headed […]

Apple and the iPad: The Juggernaut Rolls On


Apple is a few hours away from announcing its next edition of the iPad. Regardless of what it will be called, and to a degree, regardless of what features it will contain, the juggernaut that is Apple will continue to roll on, bowl over, or run through competition that has yet to find its footing […]

5 Reasons You’ll Love Siri (and Dictation) on the iPad 3


When Apple takes the wraps off their iPad 3 or iPad HD today, we all believe or at least hope that it will included Siri. The voice recognition system available now only on the iPhone 4S helps users interact with iOS in a way much like Android users had all along, and some say better. […]

AT&T Teases “Exciting” Product Coming Soon, Sprint Stays Mum on iPad 3

AT&T iPad 3 iPad HD Teaser

Hours before Apple is set to announce the new iPad and tell us when the iPad 3 release date is so we can run out and buy one. AT&T joined in announcing that they have an “exciting new” product on the way. If this sounds familiar, it’s because Verizon teased that “Something is Coming” just yesterday, asking users […]

Apple Store Goes Down Ahead of iPad 3 Announcement

Apple Store Goes Down Ahead of iPad 3 Announcement

As expected, the Apple Store has gone down ahead of today’s iPad event where Apple is presumed to be announcing a brand new iPad. The tablet, expected to be called iPad 3 or iPad HD, will replace the iPad 2, which Apple launched in March of 2011. The iPad 3 is expected to have a […]

Will Apple Unveil iPhoto for iPad at Today’s iPad 3 Event?


Apple may unveil iPhoto for the iPad today at the iPad event, to take advantage of the Retina Display on the iPad 3, or iPad HD, as well as a rumored upgraded camera. iMovie and GarageBand are already available for iOS, so it makes sense that Apple would release the third iLife suite on the iPad, and give users a better […]

iPad 3 Might Not Be Worth Upgrading

iPad 3 Price

Many of us will be getting the New iPad, what many were speculating would be called the iPad 3 or iPad HD, when it ships on March 16. Features like 4G, the Retina Display, a faster processor and bigger camera enticed me to hit the “pre-order button” on Apple’s site over and over after the […]