Apple’s Rumored Larger iPad to Out-Retina Current Models


Though Apple has long led the high resolution display charge with its Retina Display, a marketing term that debuted on the iPhone 4, screen resolutions on the company’s current Retina Display iPad Air and iPad mini are being outpaced by Android rivals. It’s now rumored that Apple will be experimenting with pushing the display resolution […]

iPhone 6 & Bigger iPad Rumors Point to Apple’s 2014 Plans

Rumors point to an iPhone 6 with a larger display in 2014.

A new set of Apple rumors claim to share insider information about the iPhone 6 screen size, a larger 12 to 13-inch iPad and broader plans by Apple to adopt new display technology in new products. In the new ETnews report from Korea, Moon Bo-gyeong writes that Apple is planning to deliver new display technology […]

Apple’s iPad Maxi Pegged for Early 2014?


Apple may be adding yet a third tablet size to its iPad lineup that’s being dubbed, at this time, the iPad Maxi. The Maxi name would likely change when the device debuts, which is speculated to be early next year. The device is conceived to compete against the rising Ultrabook computing category, many of which […]