Pelican Vault iPad Mini Case Review


Most of the time, you don’t really need a case on your iPad, but if your circumstances call for it, the Pelican Vault iPad case is one that can stand up to pretty much anything. Pelican is a company that deserves a spot on the top list as a brand that makes some of the […]

Best iPad mini & iPad mini Retina Cases

iPad mini Retina Smart Case

The iPad mini and iPad mini Retina share the same design which means there are a plethora of iPad mini cases, skins, sleeves and covers available for users to choose from. While many users may be wary of adding any bulk to the thin iPad mini and iPad mini Retina, some users will want to […]

Speck Shows Off New iPad mini Cases

Speck iPad mini CandyShell

Speck has a few new cases for the iPad mini including the company’s popular CandyShell and CandyShell Grip lines as well as a new iGuy case. Speck will soon begin selling some of its most popular cases for the new 7.9-inch iPad. The CandyShell and CandyShell Grip iPad mini cases protect the back of the smaller iPad and are […]

Best iPad Mini Cases

ipad mini smart cover hero

As users pick up the iPad mini, they should also take a look at the best iPad mini cases around to find protection for the smaller, more portable iPad. There are a number of excellent iPad mini cases available to order for delivery in the coming days. For the most part, the iPad mini cases […]

iPad mini Cases: Behind the Scenes at Marware

iPad Mini case

As Apple announced the iPad mini on Tuesday, employees at case maker Marware watched on to see if the company picked the right rumors to listen to as it planned the company’s first iPad mini cases. Like the iPhone 5 launch, leaked images and samples turned out to be close to the final design, good […]

New iPad Mini Cases Appear At Trade Show With Mysterious Hole

Toffee iPad Mini case

Accessory makers have been known to make cases for devices based solely on rumor, but sometimes they get those rumors right. With the high number of cases and leaks for the iPad Mini we think these manufacturers are probably on to something. According to Pocket-lint the bag company Toffee recently showed off its cases for the […]

New iPad Mini Cases Surface With Camera and Mic Openings (Video)

ipad Mini Case Pink Back

The long rumored iPad Mini, a smaller 7.85-inch version of the popular Apple iPad, may finally become a reality this fall. Current rumors suggest Apple will announce the iPad Mini at the iPhone 5 launch event on September 12th. Apple is known for announcing a product and offering it for sale within a week or […]