iPad Pro Rumors Just Won’t Die

iPad Pro rumors are heating up

Rumors of a larger iPad Pro have died down as of recently, but a new report picks up right where they left off with a 12.9-inch Apple tablet expected in the fall. It’s actually been several months since we’ve heard much of anything about a larger iPad. In the past, we’ve heard ramblings about a […]

Apple’s Rumored Larger iPad to Out-Retina Current Models


Though Apple has long led the high resolution display charge with its Retina Display, a marketing term that debuted on the iPhone 4, screen resolutions on the company’s current Retina Display iPad Air and iPad mini are being outpaced by Android rivals. It’s now rumored that Apple will be experimenting with pushing the display resolution […]

Best Bets on Features of the Next iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch


With iOS devices being as popular as ever, gadget blog readers have been bombarded this year with everything that can possibly be spun as a story relating to iPhone, iPad, or even iPod touch. It can be utterly exhausting trying to keep up. To help you keep up, we’ve put together a list of what […]

HD Tablet from Moto? Retina iPad in 2011 Makes Sense Now

Simulation of "Retina" text on a Motorola tablet

The rumor mill got churning again this morning, this time with reports out of Fudzilla┬áthat Motorola is working on a new tablet that will sport 2048 x 1536 resolution. If true, this would be the sharpest tablet screen we have seen yet, and would also serve to reinforce the speculation that Apple could be prepping […]