Thoughts on iPhone 3.0 OS on the iPhone 3G After a Day


A quick rating? I’d give Apple a thumbs up for the new iPhone 3.0 OS and for bringing the iPhone platform closer to living up to what other platforms have been offering for some time.   Given that this Friday morning folks are going to be standing on line (maybe, maybe not) awaiting the new […]

iPhone 3.0 OS Updates Underway and Causing the Usual Problems


Call this news that isn’t news, but some users are reporting that Apple’s authentication servers are buckling under the load and this of course is causing some to have no luck when it comes to updating their iPhones and iPod Touch. Fortunately in my case, everything went smoothly. Both my iPhone 3G and 1st Gen […]

iPhone Mania Hits Fever Pitch and Deservedly So


If you follow Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed or any other service where folks can chime in at the drop of a mobile phone what you see this morning is a raft of posts that say “When is 3.0 coming out?” “Is 3.0 delayed?” “Can’t wait for 3.0.” These are followed closely by those who pre-ordered the […]

Matt Miller’s Look Ahead on the iPhone/Palm Pre Wars

Matt Miller

Matt Miller is a wonder. When he decides to delve into an issue, he does so with depth and clarity, and it usually results in a lengthy article that is well worth hanging on to. This time around he’s applied his usual approach to taking a look at what he calls Clash of the Touch […]

AT&T Plays Bait and Switch with Promises of New iPhone 3.0 Glory

AT&T Logo

The Boy Genius Report published a list of supposed new features for the next iPhone yesterday, attributing it to a “confirmed” very high muckety muck in the AT&T chain of command. Not much secret that there will probably be a new iPhone this summer. That only makes sense. There’s also a mention of a $99 […]

Apple Announcement Yields No Hardware and iPhone Parity (sort of)


I missed all the live blogging on Apple’s iPhone announcement today, opting instead to have lunch with some friends. Given all the frenzy about the annoucement it wasn’t hard to catch up though. My quick thoughts on what I’ve read so far are that even though Apple is adding a lot to the iPhone 3.0 […]