iPhone Support Discontinues for Older Models


If you’re rocking an older iPhone or Mac, you’ll soon be out of luck if the device ever breaks, as Apple is shutting down support for a number of older products. Most notably, the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS will no longer receive iPhone support from Apple starting next month, along with the mid-2009 17-inch […]

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy the iPhone 3GS

There is no iPhone 3GS iOS 7 update, which could leave owners behind when it comes to app updates.

With the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C now in focus, many consumers are likely opting to wait for those next-generation models to land. However, a small minority of shoppers is likely looking at older iPhone models including the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. In particular, buyers are going to want to […]

iOS 7 Apps Could Push iPhone 3GS Owners to Upgrade

iOS 7 apps only no iPhone 3GS

A recent survey of iPhone developers reveals iPhone 3GS owners may be out of luck when it comes to running the latest apps this fall. When the iOS 7 release date arrives this fall iPhone and iPad developers will be ready with app updates and many app may require iOS 7 to run on the […]

iPhone Owners Who Were Refused Repairs Based on Water Sensors: Act Now


Users who purchased an iPhone before 2010 and were refused service under their device’s warranty because Apple believed the device to be damaged by liquid, have until October to apply for their portion of a $53 million settlement. Of that $53 million, users could see an average payout ranging from $215 for a 4GB original […]

Why No iPhone 3GS iOS 7 Update Isn’t a Bad Thing


Earlier in the week, Apple unveiled its brand new operating system in iOS 7, a revamped version of its mobile operating system that is scheduled to land for iOS devices sometime this fall. It won’t be coming to every iPhone and iPad though and one of the biggest devices that’s missing out is the iPhone […]

iPhone 3GS Won’t Get iOS 7


The iPhone 3GS, Apple’s aging iPhone that was released more than three years ago, finally came to the end of its rope in terms of iOS updates today as Apple announced that it won’t be getting an upgrade to iOS 7 when the software is released later on this year. In 2009, Apple released the […]

iOS 6.1 Release Date: What Not to Expect


Yesterday, we took a close look at what iPhone, IPad and iPod touch owners should expect from the upcoming iOS 6.1 release date. Now, it’s time to switch gears and look more closely at what iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners shouldn’t expect from Apple’s upcoming update and the first big one to its latest […]

From iPhone 3GS to iPhone 5: Five Things I Love About the New iPhone

iphone-5-review- 1

Earlier today, I powered down my iPhone 3GS and activated a new smartphone for the first time in three years. The iPhone 5 on AT&T’s 4G LTE network is my new daily driver and after spending a few days with it, I’ve already come to appreciate many aspects of Apple’s new piece of mobile hardware. […]

iOS 6 on iPhone 3GS: Final Impressions and Performance


Last week, Apple finally released iOS 6 to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners. And as was announced at WWDC 2012, the update arrived for owners of Apple’s aging iPhone 3GS, a device that is over three years old. And like a good owner, I immediately installed a piece of software from 2012 on a […]

iOS 6 on iPhone 3GS: First Impressions and Performance


This morning, like I always do before installing a major iOS update on my iPhone 3GS, I felt a bit of apprehension. Not as much as I normally do considering I will only have my iPhone 3GS for a few more days (or weeks), but still I was apprehensive nonetheless. After debating for maybe a […]

Apple Drops iPhone 3GS: iPhone 4 Now Free, iPhone 4S Now $99


With the release of the iPhone 5, the new flagship smartphone will take over the current iPhone 4S pricing. That means that the iPhone 4S will now be dropped to just $99 on a two-year contract via Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T. The iPhone 4S will only be available in 16 GB capacity at that price […]

Goodbye iPhone 3GS, Hello iPhone 5


Apple has yet to announce the iPhone 5 but I already know exactly which iPhone 5 I’ll be ordering if the rumors hold up. For the past three plus years, I have been an owner of the iPhone 3GS. And while I own a Verizon Galaxy Nexus, the iPhone 3GS remains my daily driver. To […]

iPhone 3GS Out of Stock Days Ahead of iPhone 5 Announcement

iPhone3GS out of Stock - iPhone 5

The iPhone 3GS is no longer available direct from AT&T online as we approach the iPhone 5 announcement on September 12th and the expected release date on September 21st. Users looking to buy the iPhone 3GS for 99 cents on AT&T are met with an out of stock sign. This matches up with the news […]

iPhone 5 Release to Kill Off iPhone 3GS?


With the arrival of the new iPhone 5, it appears that Apple will be getting rid of the iPhone 3GS, even as the phone gets updated to the new iOS operating system, iOS 6. According to The Telegraph, Apple will drop the iPhone 3GS and replace it with the iPhone 4 which will take the […]

iPhone 5 Release Date Nears, Snag the Best iPhone Trade in Price Today

iPhone 4 trade in prices

We expect Apple will announce the iPhone 5 on September 12th and offer the new iPhone for sale just 9 days later on September 21st. Users who want to upgrade to the new iPhone shouldn’t wait to sell their iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S as trade in prices drop dramatically weeks before Apple announces the […]

iOS 6 on iPhone 3GS: Why I Am Worried

I am hopeful iOS 6 will perform well on the iPhone 3GS.

Earlier this month, when Apple released the third version of iOS 6 beta, it added some features to iOS 6 for the iPhone 3GS. Needless to say, as an iPhone 3GS owner, I was elated about the news especially because I was someone who was pretty disappointed about the lack of iOS 6 features that […]

iOS 6 for iPhone 3GS Bringing Unannounced Features


iOS 6 Beta 3 has revealed that Apple is going to be including some more features for the iPhone 3GS when iOS 6 arrives for it sometime this fall. MacRumors is reporting that the new software adds several new features to the mix including Shared Photo Streams and VIP Mail, two features that Apple did […]

Why You Shouldn’t Wait for the iPhone 5

Not everyone will want to wait for the iPhone 5.

While many consumers were hoping for an iPhone 5 announcement at WWDC 2012, the event didn’t prove fruitful and those interested in an iPhone 5 will have to wait for a release date that will likely come this fall. As is the case with most iPhone launches, the iPhone 5 has seen numerous rumors sprout […]

iPhone 3GS Review: Three Years with the iPhone 3GS

Three years with one phone is a long time.

I can’t remember exactly what day I got my iPhone 3GS. Really, I can’t. It was that long ago. I know that I got it shortly after it launched in June of 2009 and that it replaced my tank of a smartphone at the time, the BlackBerry 7130c. Yes, I once used a BlackBerry, believe […]