iPhone Trade-ins Grow 85% as iPhone 5 Release Date Nears

NextWorth - iPhone Price Decline

As the iPhone 5 release date gets closer, and we have additional confirmation of an iPhone 5 announcement date more iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 owners are selling their old iPhones to Gazelle.com for top dollar. Gazelle tells GigaOm that sales of old iPhone models spiked 85% this morning after additional confirmation of an October 4th […]

Who is Apple’s New CEO Tim Cook?

Tim Cook

By now, you might have heard. Steve Jobs has resigned as the CEO of Apple but is remaining on as Chairman of the Board. His replacement? A man by the name of Tim Cook, who has been Apple’s Chief Operating Officer for seven years and a man that many considered to be the CEO in […]

5 Best Fantasy Football Apps for iPhone

NFL Fantasy Draft Cheat Sheet

If you’re like me, you’re already fired up for not only the real NFL season but the fantasy football season as well. The trash talk, the drama, the joy of watching your nemesis’ first round pick miss several games, it all comes to life when fantasy football starts. I’ve been playing since the days where […]

iPhone 3GS Available for Free at Best Buy for Today Only

iPhone 3GS

As we suspected, the iPhone 3GS has gone on sale at Best Buy for the low price of free. Now, I own an iPhone 3GS and I’ve loved it for the past two years but let me be very frank with those of you who might be tempted by this offer. Unless you’re absolutely desperate, […]

Best Buy to Offer iPhone 3GS for Free on August 22nd?

iPhone 3GS at Best Buy

Can’t wait for the iPhone 5? Not interested in paying for Apple’s current crop of iPhones? Look no further than a rumored Best Buy offer for the iPhone 3GS that is apparently going to be taking place on August 22nd. TechnoBuffalo has gotten a hold of a photo of a promotional sign that seems to […]

The Best Time To Sell Your iPhone 4 For the iPhone 5 is…

NextWorth - iPhone Price Decline

When is the best time to sell my old iPhone? That’s a question I hear almost every day as the iPhone 5 launch looms. With a number of iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 owners looking for the best price, we spoke to NextWorth to find out when you should sell your iPhone. As it turns […]

Why You Shouldn’t Buy an iPhone Right Now

dont get iphone right now

You may have noticed that prices are dropping on iPhones. Target and Radio Shack recently dropped the iPhone 4 down to $169.99 for the base model. Target did one better by selling the same one for $149.99. Heck, even the iPhone 3GS is getting a price cut (down to $20 at Target). While these offers […]

Google+ App for iPhone Available Now


Google said that it would be coming and sure enough, it is here. The Google+ application for the iPhone has arrived so if you own one of those spiffy iOS-powered handhelds, you can head to the App Store right now and scoop it up. The Google+ application is for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and […]

Four Things to Celebrate on The iPhone’s 4th Birthday

iPhone 4

Today is the fourth birthday of Apple’s iconic product, the iPhone. On June 29th 2007, Apple launched the iPhone across the United States and arguably changed the mobile landscape forever. Four years and three iPhones later, the iPhone is still as relevant as ever with millions of owners across the world. And whether you love […]

New Analyst Says Now That Apple Will Release Only One iPhone Model This Fall


After recent speculations that Apple may release two distinct iPhone models come this Fall when the Cupertino, California iOS-maker is rumored to announce its hardware refresh, BMO Capital analyst Keith Bachman now is saying that Apple will only release one iPhone model this fall, following earlier rumors of the product. The new rumor stated that […]

PureGear Carbon Fiber Soft Case for iPhone Review

PureGear Case for iPhone

For the professional who likes to carry his or her Apple iPhone around on the belt, the PureGear Carbon Fiber Soft Case is an attractive option that comes complete with a firm metal belt clip. Features The PureGear Carbon Fiber Soft Case is made of leather with a carbon fiber pattern on the outside. The case […]

iOS 5 Works Well on iPhone 3GS (Video)

iOS 5

There had been speculation prior to WWDC that Apple might exclude the iPhone 3GS from the benefits of the iOS 5 update. As we now know, iOS 5 will indeed be coming to the 3GS when it arrives sometime this fall. However, as it did with the release of iOS 4 last year, Apple has […]

Watch Apple iOS 5 in Action (Video)

iOS 5

Yesterday was a big day for Apple. The company kicked off its Worldwide Developers Conference by announcing a trio of products including OS X Lion, iCloud and its latest mobile software, iOS 5. iOS 5 will be headed to the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPad 2, and the 3rd and 4th generation iPod touch […]

iOS 5 Will Be Coming to iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS

There was a nasty little rumor prior to WWDC that stated that iOS 5 would not be coming to the iPhone 3GS. Luckily, Apple has just confirmed that the new software will in fact be coming to Apple’s aging phone and it will be doing so at some point this fall. Prior to the event, […]

AT&T Hiding iPhone 4 Ahead of iPhone 5 Launch?

Screen shot 2011-06-04 at 12.27.48 PM

The iPhone 4 is AT&T’s hottest selling smartphone. So why is the wireless carrier hiding Apple’s iPhone 4 on ATTWireless.com? It is likely that AT&T is pulling the iPhone 4 out of the spotlight ahead of an iPhone 5 announcement that may occur at WWDC on Monday. AT&T was the exclusive iPhone 4 wireless carrier from […]

iOS and iPhone Timeline: From iPhone to iOS 5 in 5 Years

iPhone 3G goes on Sale

Since the introduction in 2007, the iPhone has shaken up the mobile industry with the iPhone, the largest app store, a tightly controlled but beautiful iOS operating system and yearly upgrades to the iPhone. As we approach WWDC 2011 where Apple will announce iOS 5 and may announce an iPhone 5 or may not announce […]

iPhone 3GS Not Getting iOS 5?

iPhone 3GS

With Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference set to kick off on June 6th in San Francisco and with an announcement about iOS 5 appearing to be a likely one, Eldur Murtazin from Mobile-Review has decided to stir the pot by claiming that Apple’s iPhone 3GS will not only not be included in the first betas […]

iPhone 3GS, iPad 1 Sales Beat Out New Android, 4G Devices


In an age where newer, slimmer, and faster is often equated with better, a surprising study released by Canaccord Genuity finds that last generation Apple mobile devices, including the iPhone 3GS and original iPad 1, are often outselling their newer, current generation Android counterparts that often come with next-generation specs. Canaccord Genuity’s study helps to also solidify […]

iPhone 5 to be delayed or are expectations too high?


While most of us expect Apple to stick to their established routine of using WWDC to launch the next iPhone, several people think that might not be the case with one source even pointing to a delay until 2012. It’s possible, but it’s also possible that people’s expectations for the iPhone 5 are a little […]