Amazing iPhone 4 Band Performance on the Subway

Screen shot 2010-10-15 at 12.00.44 PM

Atomic Tom performed live on a New York city subway using just the instrument apps on their iPhones and an amplifier.  Though the iPhone apps might not be as ‘pure’ as  real instruments, this shows that people with creativity and talent don’t have to limit themselves to just one instrument. Of course, iPhones are a […]

iPhone Replaces ‘Shopping Cart’ Full of Gadgets for the Blind

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When I first read the headline Smartphones Flunk for Blind Users in an email newsletter my father forwarded to me, I though I was about to read that touch-enabled smartphones are completely unusable for the visually impaired. Instead, I was absolutely floored by how Joshua Miele, a  Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute scientist is using his iPhone and other […]

I Want an OWLE


I spotted a reporter shooting video with the OWLE Bubo tonight at CES 2010. The device improves the quality of videos shot with the iPhone 3GS thanks to a wide-angle lens and microphone. The OWLE Bubo allows users to grasp a firmer grip than just holding an iPhone 3GS at arm’s length, reducing camera shake […]

A Decade of Difference in Mobile Tech


My mobile computing lifestyle has come a long way over the past decade. A lot of the gadget changes and upgrades were gradual, which meant I eased into what I and other geeks consider normal at the dawn of 2010. But during my trip to India this month I realized something – I live in […]

Rumor: 8GB iPhone 3G upgrading to 3GS?

Boy Genius Report has heard from two sources that Apple’s remaining iPhone 3G, the 8GB model for $99, may be getting upgraded to the 3Gs hardware in time for Christmas. Supposedly the move is to combat the Droid (it’s like Apple’s breeding clone troopers), but presumably phasing out the 3G has always been part of […]

iPhone 3GS VoiceOver lets blind photographer work


I must confess, when I first learned of VoiceOver in the iPhone 3GS as an accessibility tool for the visually impaired, I was not impressed. Good to have the option, but why, I thought, would a blind person want a device that is almost all screeen? No tactile buttons. No fixed arrangement. Almost all input […]

Still Lining Up for the iPhone 3GS


Dropped into the local Apple Store today while running other errands to see just how fast the iPhone 3GS really is. One word: blazing. The one I tried was on 3G, not wifi, and it displayed web pages faster than my iPhone 3G on my home wifi. Video recording was smoother than my digital camera […]

Apple Issues Heat Warning for iPhone 3G and 3GS


Uh, oh. Looks like there is something to take seriously about the reports that some are experiencing heat issues with the iPhone 3GS and the earlier iPhone 3G running the 3.0 OS. Apple has issued an Heat Advisory warning users that they could experience problems in an environment where temperatures exceed 95 degrees Fahrenheit and […]

First iPhone 3GS Video Test Featuring Thomasin

Of course the subject of my first test of the new video features on the iPhone 3GS would feature my lovely wife, Thomasin. This is taken in our office and as   she says the lighting is pretty lousy. I was able to send the video up to YouTube.

Thoughts on iPhone 3.0 OS on the iPhone 3G After a Day


A quick rating? I’d give Apple a thumbs up for the new iPhone 3.0 OS and for bringing the iPhone platform closer to living up to what other platforms have been offering for some time.   Given that this Friday morning folks are going to be standing on line (maybe, maybe not) awaiting the new […]

iPhone 3G S Video

Someone in Switzerland’s posted a video shot with an iPhone 3G S. The native resolution is 640×480 and a minute of video takes up about 25MB of capacity.

GBM Podcast #74: iPhone Mania

Whenever Apple releases something new, especially relating to the iPhone, there seems to be little else to talk about other than the news that comes out of Cupertino. That’s the case this week with the release of the iPhone 3.0 OS and the new iPhone 3GS. Xavier and Warner spend some time talking about the […]

AT&T Adjusts iPhone 3GS Pricing for Some Upgraders

This will be good news for some. AT&T is announcing that it is going to back off a bit on the upgrade price for those dealing with a two year contract.   Here’s the lowdown from the AT&T Facebook page: PRICING Importantly, we want our customers to better understand our wireless device upgrade program. Like […]

iPhone Mania Hits Fever Pitch and Deservedly So


If you follow Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed or any other service where folks can chime in at the drop of a mobile phone what you see this morning is a raft of posts that say “When is 3.0 coming out?” “Is 3.0 delayed?” “Can’t wait for 3.0.” These are followed closely by those who pre-ordered the […]